Making money in the world of cosplay

Way back in 2009-2010 (And that's my real hair!)
Making money by doing what you love is THE DREAM, but not many get the chance to live it. As I talked about side-hustles before, I’ll be talking about some opportunities to make money with Cosplaying.

About a decade ago, cosplay in the Philippines wasn’t very well-known so most people really didn’t understand it or pay attention to it until a few years ago, when comic conventions and cosplay blew up, and being a professional cosplayer became a thing!

For most people involved, cosplay is a hobby, but for some it can be more. As the scene grows in popularity, so too do commercial opportunities for those involved. Especially if you like dressing up as characters from video games. Especially today with the rise of e-games in the country.

What is Cosplay?

Cosplaying is paying tribute to your favorite character/design concept/idea by dressing up and acting out this character as accurately as possible.Some cosplayers are quite devoted to this idea that they take great lengths to produce the best cosplay of their chosen character.

Cosplaying can be easy or really complicated depending on how much detail you want to achieve. Some cosplayers hire or do everything by themselves from: Make-up, design, costume production, photography and the like!

Even I tried cosplaying a few years ago – as Hibari Kyoya of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Because it was cheap and easy to do (Note: Google the name and you’ll understand)!

The Cosplay Career

While it might be a hobby for most, there are quite a number of cosplayers who have turned cosplay into careers. Cosplay costs time and money: Costume making, make-up, attending events; all of the process costs money, so if you really want to get into this world, then one must turn themselves into a BRAND.

Here are some ways you can make some money in the cosplay world:

* Maker – you can make money from making costumes and/or props-replica which you can sell to other cosplayers or even transition into the entertainment industry.

* Skilled Artist – like above, you can transition into the entertainment world through your skills in wig/hair-and make-up, body painting, prosthetics and the like.

* Sale of Products and Services – you can sell your costumes, calendar, photos, your own merchandise, designs, books, workshops (make-up, props, how-tos, ..etc..).

* Content Creator – Just like content creators, cosplayers can access a wider range of audience due to social media and can become influencers as well. With your brand, you can start a blog, Instagram, youtube, to showcase your photo/videography and gain patrons (Earnings through: Ad revenue, sponsorships, direct donations or subscriptions through Patreon to name a few).

* Model – some of the really famous cosplayers have become models or even product endorsers. You can start by event or appearance based, to sponsored cosplays or even transition into a celebrity.Locally, Alodia Gosiengfiao has since turned into a model and celebrity endorser after gaining attention for her cosplays.

You still think that cosplaying is just dressing up? There are many talents and skills involved to make a successful cosplay. The industry is growing and various opportunities are opening.

The list here is based on observation, research and some from my friends who do some of those stuff. Hopefully this gives a realistic perspective on the potentials and possibilities in doing cosplay!

The writer is an RFP® –Registered financial planner and helps people through CERTA, Inc.’s financial education programs, estate planning & investment advisory ( He’s also a Real Estate Broker, author of the award-winning personal blog–; Vice Chair –

Originally Published in Philstar - The Freeman Newspaper last October 17, 2017.

Here's a link of an old blogpost of mine referring to my cosplaying Hibari Kyoya!
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