Where to invest in 2019? Tips for Fledgling Investors

Where should you invest your money? This question plagues both beginning investors and established pros. While no investment is guaranteed, I wanted to share my thoughts on the best investment options for 2019 and beyond.

This is a yearly question I get asked. So, let’s keep things simple. If you are a first time or long term investor, timing is impossible. Now is the best time to start. Start and keep investing, averaging down and consistently.

Your career
If you are currently employed, and you are in a job and industry that you like, perhaps now is the time to start climbing the corporate ladder.

Now if you are employed but unhappy, perhaps it’s time to move on to better pastures or pursue a new career as a freelancer perhaps.

No matter what happens to the economy over the next few years, there’s one thing you have total control over — you.

Zero-cost investments
What if you don’t have money? Well, you can still invest in yourself! Learn a new skill or two. Get certified that positions you for a promotion or better career options or perhaps that dream job of yours in the future!

Health will bring you wealth
We all have one life to live and one body to live it in, which is why there’s never a better time to start taking care of yourself. Also, although your physical health should be a priority, but don’t forget that how you feel on the inside is also important.

Pay off debt first
Don’t forget that your wealth is determined by your assets and your liabilities. So, invest all you want, but don’t forget how your debts may be dragging you down. No buts, do it.

Stock market
Locally, in the Philippines it is election year. So, media and any industry that’s going to benefit from election spending will be good to invest in (If they are listed in the stock market that is).

Tourism and BPO is still continues to grow in the country, which also has an effect on Real Estate. Property stocks will benefit from this as well.

Also, always check the value of your stocks if they are fairly, under or overpriced before deciding to invest.

Pooled funds
Consider investing into pooled funds such as mutual funds or tax advantaged funds like PERA - Personal Equity Retirement Account. Mutual funds don’t require a lot of energy, think of it as savings that has a much volatile and higher potential yield.

A side hustle can help you earn more money that can be used to reach any of your financial goals.

From the entrepreneurial side of things, you can consider getting into farming and agriculture - people will always eat, but make sure to position in areas with high demand but low supply.

Invest in time
With the new year finally upon us, you may be aching to make some significant changes in your life. Perhaps you may also want to spend more quality time with your family — time where you only focus on them and nothing else.

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Note: I am not a CPA, attorney, or tax advisor and the information here shall not be construed as tax, legal, or financial advice. If you need such advice, please contact a qualified CPA, attorney, or tax advisor.

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