Cebu Doctors University Hospital now offers a multi-person hyperbaric chamber

The Cebu Doctors’ University Hospital (CDUH) now offers a multi-person hyperbaric chamber making it the first hospital-based and most advanced hyperbaric facility in Visayas and Mindanao to offer both single and multi-chamber setting.

The multi-chamber hyperbaric machine offers the same benefits as that of a mono-chamber but differs in the comfort level of the patients. The treatments inside the chamber could feel a little like a first-class airplane flight.

For patients unable to sit inside the multi-chamber, they have the option to use the mono chamber. The mono (hyperbaric) chamber has been in operation since 2011, changing lives for the better.

With CebuDoc having acquired the latest multi-chamber hyperbaric machine, it can now accommodate more than seven patients at a time. The CebuDoc Group is also set to provide patients with a bigger and better Center for Hyperbaric Medicine which is a breakthrough treatment for healing decompression sickness and also for wellness concerns.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

The basic concept of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is to oxygenate every minute cell inside the human body. By doing so, it improves the circulation of blood, oxygen and other vital elements necessary for human life, thus providing a general sense of well-being.

The hyperbaric chamber is filled with pressurized air to simulate the required depth. An individual hood is then utilized to supply oxygen to every person inside with different levels of oxygen supply as prescribed by a hyperbaric physician.

The chamber is operated by a team of experts and highly trained professionals led by Hilario S. Cabaitan II, M.D., a distinguished member of the UHMS (Undersea Hyperbaric Medical Society) who trained for HBOT course.

Hyperbaric medicine has been in existence for centuries, aiding men in recuperating from a wide array of conditions. As the demand for HBOT increases, it will soon be a requisite for every medical institution.

HBOT is 100 percent safe for the allowed patients. Comprehensive screening for all patients is done before treatment, because patient safety is a top priority. Patients with ear or nose problems like sinusitis and ruptured eardrum have to address it before going through hyperbaric treatment.

For inquiries, call the Center for Hyperbaric Medicine at (032) 255-5555 local 185.

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