What am I working for?

Are you tired of your work? Is every day a struggle? Do you every now and again question your purpose at work? If you think about it, your work or job will occupy at least forty hours a week of your life. If something occupies such a large chunk of precious time, wouldn’t you want to use that time in the best possible way?

Building a career is like building a house, which needs a proper and solid foundation. This foundation can be many things, but we all can agree that if your foundation is flawed, this will spell trouble in your career down the road.

The foundation of work can be your view and/or perspective of work, which will ultimately shape your attitudes and actions.

If you view work as something negative or a sort of curse, then I can only imagine the struggle you have to go through every day when you wake up in the morning. Each movement may be heavy and dragging. When at work, you are enduring something akin to torture. With this mindset, it would be very hard to move up the ranks.

Here is another perspective. What if you view work as a journey, perhaps even an adventure. Your whole view will definitely change! Each activity seems exciting and fun. Navigating through problems and issues doesn’t seem to be as tedious but rather engaging to the senses.

Some may even view it with a faith-based approach. If we remember the book of Genesis, when the Lord was actually working, for six days - the creation story. And by the seventh day, God had finished the work he had been doing and rested from all his work as well as appreciating the masterpiece creations. Therefore, you could say that work itself is a sacred endeavor. With that, whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as if working for the lord, and not for men. You will see that your work now is geared towards a higher calling.

Should you plan your career or go with the flow?

It really depends from person to person. For those already working, you can plan and also ask help from a mentor or a career counselor. For those who are still not sure or confused, it’s okay, YOU are allowed to taste things. By “tasting” I mean trying different types of work, and by process of elimination, you’ll figure it out soon!

“Whatever you dream, or date to dream, begin it.” - Goethe

The Mynimo.com Happy Jobs Fair will be offering over 20,000 job opportunities when it opens its doors on Saturday, May 25 at the IEC Convention Center in Mabolo, Cebu City.

Local and overseas opportunities will be available at the event. Vacancies for local employment are in retail, manufacturing, tourism, education, information technology, logistics, construction, real estate, business process outsourcing, and healthcare. While overseas vacancies are expected to be in the food & beverage, manufacturing, and medical industries.

The organizers also identified a total of 2,320 opportunities available for people with disabilities (PWDs). Among these are 1,800 jobs for applicants who are physically impaired and 520 for speech and hearing impaired candidates. Opportunities for PWDs are as follows, restaurant, retail, IT and BPO companies. There will be designated priority lanes for PWDs at the event.

Online registrations can be submitted using mobile or desktop devices at www.mynimo.com/happy

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