The Future of Work in PHL

The Future of Work in Philippines

Today, companies are already having difficulty in finding talent. With the ever increase in traffic in the metropolis, work preferences will continue to evolve among Filipino workers. In a world that is increasingly becoming digital, companies should look into the possibility of allowing their employees to do flexible time and remote work.

Preparing for this workforce challenge in the Philippines will require action and adaptation on multiple fronts over a period of time. There’s definitely going to be a shift from OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) to OFW 2.0, now known as Online Filipino Workers!

Lawmakers in the Philippines recently passed the “Telecommuniting Act” or otherwise known as the Work-from-Home-Law (R.A. 11165), which provides equal pay and benefits for workers who worked in the office or from home, making the option of online-freelancing even more attractive for the job market.

Even with the rise of outsourcing companies, Filipino job-seekers fight tooth and nail for competitive positions despite the fact that they could end up being underpaid and/or overworked. And taking a cue from these outsourcing companies, thousands of young professionals turn to online freelancing and make their services directly available to international clientele instead of working for the middleman.

Freelancing allows you to take control over how you work (whenever, wherever). Clients understand that Philippine-based freelancers have a different time zone so most of them do not expect them to work during their hours. Instead, you agree on a certain number of hours per week and set deadlines for submissions. Clients also don’t usually mind if you’re working from home or the beach as long as you are able to communicate with them as needed. Freelancing is output-based and quality is valued over cost.

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Higher Income

The Philippines is a developing country and professionals based here have different rates as compared to those working in advanced countries. This is the very reason international businesses want to outsource tasks to Philippine-based freelancers. Clients are more than willing to pay a good amount worthy of your talent and performance.

Access to Digital Tools

Filipinos are no strangers to social media, online stores, websites, blogs, and everything that the internet can offer. The advancement of technological tools facilitates the freelancing trend. It allows freelancers to communicate with clients via video and voice conference software on computers and mobile phones. Aside from work tools, Philippine-based freelancers also have access to different billing and payment options.

Ditching the Corporate World

Given the degree of freedom that freelancing gives, freelancers are able to spend more time on the most important aspects of their lives. Like taking care of your health, raising kids, socializing with friends and family more and the like.

Freelancing is the way of the future for human resources. Hundreds of Filipino success stories are available online from taking a shot at freelancing.

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