Unauthorized Agents and Scam reporting

In this past few months, I'm sure you have noticed the increased activity of digital commerce as the new normal kicks in across all industries. The buying and selling of Real Estate is included in this shift. However, most of these activities unfortunately come from either land scams or unauthorized agents enticing you to rent or sell your property to an upcoming third telecommunications player.

If you are are a land owner, please be vigilant!

The Land Scam

Unauthorized Agents have been running around on/offline asking for a copy of your (land owner) property documents and they will say that your property is qualified for the 3rd telco's tower and they will offer you some misleading amounts.

Do not just believe these offers. ASK these so-called agents for proof of authorization and with a contact person to verify their authority.

DO NOT SIGN any Memorandum of Agreement from these unauthorized agents. They will ask a big percentage for the lump sum that they will be offering to you. DO NOT SIGN any SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY initiated by these unauthorized agents.

Always deal with LICENSED REAL ESTATE PRACTITIONERS! Ask for their PRC ID. Practicing Real Estate Service without a license is ILLEGAL.

DITO’s Advisory

Dito Telecommunity Corp. is warning landowners against groups or individuals claiming to be representatives of the company for site acquisitions.

The locations for the construction of its towers, base stations, and other similar structures for its roll-out and launch have already been predetermined and the identities of these vendors and their agents have been disclosed to the respective local government units.

Dito has so far appointed four authorized representatives or vendors to assist in site acquisition namely, Huawei for North Luzon and NCR, ZTE for South Luzon and the Visayas, Nokia-Huaxin for Mindanao, and Udenna Infrastructure Corp.

The authorized representatives will never ask for processing fees, lump-sum rental payments and commission from the land owner/s.

For concerns regarding site acquisition, contact info@dito.ph.

DICT Advisory

The Department of Information and Communications Technology advises the public to exercise great caution in conducting transactions with alleged representatives of Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Independent Tower Companies (ITCs). This is in light of information that alleged ‘agents’ from these groups are proposing purchase or lease to selected sites for cellular towers.

Fir queries regarding MNOs, contact NTC Regulation Branch at (02) 8924-4026 or via regulation@ntc.gov.ph. For ITCs, contact DICT via information@dict.gov.ph or through (02) 8920-0101 (local: 1004).

FORSAGE Crypto/Ethereum Scam Update

Read below for the advisory by the (SEC) Securities and Exchange Commission Enforcement and Investor Protection Department, if you have been victimized by YUKA KUROYANAGI and DON VALLE, and all the other people that is involved and acted as salesmen, operators, representatives, agents of FORSAGE.

“Relative to this, we encourage investor-victims to submit a duly notarized complaint with the Commission or, an affidavit, if you are not an investor but have been approached and invited to join and invest in FORSAGE, narrating how you became an investor of FORSAGE (If you are an investor) or how you were approached and invited to join FORSAGE (If you are not an investor but have received invitations to invest).

You may send your notarized complaint or affidavit through registered mail or courier at the Enforcement and Investor Protection Department, Ground Floor, North Wing, PICC Secretariat Building, PICC Complex, Pasay City.

If you are unable to mail or send by courier your said complaint or affidavit due to quarantine restrictions, you may send a scanned copy to our email address at epd@sec.gov.ph .”

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