Make HR management easier by 30-40%

Can the management of your employee timekeeping, payroll, benefits, and 201 files be done easier? It can be with the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) of Right Choice Finance (RCF).

With HRIS, companies can automate their human resource management tasks and reduce their processing time by 30-40%, and employees can maximize their efficiency without affecting the quality of their output. It can transform the HR workflow into an easier and automated experience without the errors from manual labors. It is a cloud-based one-stop shop that can centralize and simplify the HR workflow that is accessible anytime and anywhere.

The HRIS also includes a cash advance software bundle that provides an easy cash advance application with fast approval to employees with RCF funding all staff loan needs. “The HRIS platform comes with a company’s membership with RCF. Your company will receive preferential business loan terms that include better rates and higher loanable amounts,” said Mr. James Kodrowski, Managing Director of RCF.

It comes with sustainable rates at a fraction of the cost of competitors and offers more features and functions. Since HRIS is cloud-based, it is continuously backed up without compromising the security and privacy of your business. With HRIS, the most clerical and repetitive HR tasks can be converted into automated workflows, so that the HR team can focus on more complex decision making and help in business development.

To enjoy boundless benefits from HRIS sooner, we urge entrepreneurs to contact us and book a free demo now,” said Kodrowski.

RCF is a licensed and regulated finance corporation established in Metro Manila in 2016 that has expanded in different provinces in the country.

To know more about the HRIS, book a free demo now through or email them at


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