NAPC: Building a High-trust Society based on ‘Malasakit’


Malasakit” or care for Filipinos was at the heart of the 2017-2022 Philippine Development Plan (PDP) for inclusive growth and a globally-competitive knowledge  economy. It means having people-centered, technology-enabled, and responsive governance,  coupled with swift, fair and humane administration of justice. With this in mind, the National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC) has worked  relentlessly since 2016 under the past Administration to build a high-trust society based  on “malasakit.” 

We want to help regain the people’s trust in public institutions and cultivate trust among  Filipinos. To do this, we have implemented a multi-dimensional approach aimed at  uplifting the lives of our kababayans, especially the marginalized and vulnerable  sectors,” said NAPC Secretary Noel Felongco. One of the NAPC strategies is governance. It pushed for reforms that enabled the basic  sectors to effectively participate in decision-making and management processes that  affect their rights, interests, and welfare. 

Wage-earners were taken care of by pushing for their rights to organization and  collective bargaining and incorporating trade union representation in labor inspection. 

Cooperatives became part of the government decision-making process to contribute to  livelihood development at the local level. The youth were given a chance to participate  in local governance. 

The NAPC also saw to it that children, persons with disabilities, and senior citizens were  not left behind. It supported the implementation of policies on child labor and social protection programs  and projects to prevent any form of abuse. 

The agency established the Persons with Disability Affairs Office (PDAO), pushed for  the creation of the Special Committee on Persons with Disabilities in the House of  Representatives, and ensured that the right to suffrage of vulnerable sectors was  recognized. 

At the same time, it issued guidelines on planning and implementing gender-responsive  policies and programs for compliance by National Government Agencies (NGAs) and  LGUs. 

NAPC exercises oversight functions in incorporating anti-poverty strategies and  programs in national, regional, sub-regional, and local development plans. It is  mandated to institutionalize basic sector participation in formulating, planning,  implementing, and monitoring anti-poverty policies, strategies, and programs.

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NAPC: Building a High-trust Society based on ‘Malasakit’ NAPC: Building a High-trust Society based on ‘Malasakit’ Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Monday, June 06, 2022 Rating: 5

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