100 Proven Social Media Content Ideas for 2023

Are you struggling to come up with fresh and engaging content for your social media platforms? Creating top-notch content requires a lot of work and dedication, but with this guide and together with consistent effort comes great reward.

Now look no further! We've compiled a list of 100 killer content ideas to help take your social media game to the next level. These can be in any form you like. An image, video, article, audio or any combination of these media.

1. Behind-the-scenes: Take candid photos or videos of yourself, your employees, or snap a shot of your office or workspace.

2. Post a link to an old blog post: There’s nothing wrong with recycling, and updating old posts will gain new engagement, extending their life. Consider making it evergreen too.

3. Post a branded image: Post a funny or inspirational image with your logo or website URL on it.

4. Link to a case study: Case studies are great for delivering useful info in a way that’s often more palatable and actionable than a standard blog post.

5. Ask for & share reviews or testimonials: Eliciting reviews from fans or followers is one of the best ways to get testimonials you can use as social proof on your website.

6. Recommend a tool (or a list of it): Share a (preferably free) tool or resource you think your followers would find useful.

7. Share a favorite book: Share a book or a book list recommendation your fans or followers would appreciate.

8. Share a comic or meme: Getting your customers to laugh with you is a great way to start building relationships.

9. Share breaking industry news: Stay on stop of what’s going on in your industry or niche.

10. Offer a free resource: Build your email list while generating some goodwill with your fans. This could be an infographic, mind-map, e-book, presentation or the like.

11. Latest company news: Anything changing in your business? New employee? New hours of operation? New product offering?

12. Share pictures from a recent industry event: It can be an event your company organized or something your team attended. Don’t forget to use the event hashtag for maximum exposure.

13. Offer expert insights into a topic: This helps establish you as a thought leader in your field.

14. Answer an FAQ: Have a question you get asked a lot? Answer it on social media via text or video.

15. Ask your fans for content ideas: Find out which issues or problems your fans need help with.

16. Benchmark the competition: Find out what your competitors are sharing, and do it better.

17. Post a valuable social media conversation/thread: Could be from LinkedIn, or Twitter in the form of an image, PDF or even a video. Make sure to credit the source.

18. Share your awards or achievements: This will not only motivate your existing customers to engage more but also make new, potential fans to try out your services.

19. Product videos: Got a product/service? What’s a better way to tell your customers about it than a nice video? Get one now and share it with your customers.

20. Start your podcast: Give your fans more ways to absorb your content. Start your own podcast covering topics that your audience wants to know about.

21. Post a job opportunity: Planning to expand your team? Let your fans/customers know and help by getting the word out there.

22. This Day in History: Find out an interesting thing that happened on this particular day in history and share it with your followers on social media. Perhaps something related to your industry or something else.

23. Going Live: With platforms like YouTube and Facebook Live, it is now easier than ever to interact with your audience in real-time and face to face.

24. Show the people behind your brand: Never miss the opportunity to show the human side of your brand by showing the faces of actual people who work for you.

25. YouTube videos: Share inspirational or your brand-related videos from YouTube.

26. How-to tutorials: For a product that needs some explaining in order to be used, create and share how-to tutorials or videos with your audience.

27. Organize an instant sale or giveaway: Post a limited-time offer or coupon with conditions

28. Share useful tools: Unfortunately, we live in a world where people don’t know how to use a lot of essential tools. Fix that. Share products, books, youtube videos, you are obsessed with. Put together an e-book or video that shares the online tools you love to use and why they are so helpful.

29. Share your wisdom: One piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs; new graduates or career shifters.

30. Progress reflections: How have you evolved as a person? How has your business evolved? Or it could be a simple “how it started, how it is going” presentation.

31. Be a content curator: Follow other influencers/bloggers/businesses and share their best content

32. Origin story: Share a story of your career journey and how you started your business

33. Experience sharing: Share a time when a customer taught you a lesson

34. Story time: Tell the story of your biggest 'aha' moment in business; story about how you handled something at work or in life.

35. Post a round up: A list of must-read articles or trends in your industry for the past week/month

36. Infographic or statistics: Share an interesting or shocking statistic regarding your industry

37. Event sponsorship: Share an event your company is sponsoring or speaking at.

38. Predictions: for the future of your industry or another industry that may affect your market

39. An analysis: of the latest trends in consumer behavior

40. People to follow: A list of the top influencers or thought leaders to follow in your industry

41. Create a content series: It could be a list of article features, or a series of interviews with successful professionals in your field

42. Podcasts to follow: A list of the top podcasts or online courses related to your field

43. Takeaways: A summary of the key takeaways from a recent industry event or conference.

44. Talk about mistakes: The mistakes in your personal life, career growth, business growth, friends. A bad story / discuss a list of failure or common mistakes.

45. Your impact: How you or your business is impacting your clients or community. This helps prospective customers understand what you are passionate about, which is sometimes a great differentiator in the market.

46. Host an A.M.A. (ask me anything): This is something celebrities do in the media but with social media, aren’t we all micro-celebrities already?

47. Post a seasonal content: It could be a holiday, a campaign (Black Friday) or the like.

48. Quote an expert/public figure: You can make a quote image or share your learning from that person. But in social media, you can now tag them. Who knows, they may share or reply to your post.

49. Share a self-care tip: People are always interested in taking care of themselves and how others do it.

50. Talk about the ONE failure: It could be in a previous role, in life or that one failure that still haunts you.

51. Share your BIGGEST regret: Vulnerability can go a long way. This showcases your character development.

52. Ask people to sign up for your email list: and tell them WHY they should.

53. Give a shoutout: To a thought leader, public figure, employee, colleague, client or even friends and family.

54. Ask a question: Here are some things you can ask about to start. Ask about your audience how they found you. Post a fact or fiction question about your industry. Request for some feedback. Verify what sort of content they want to see more of.

55. Do a comparison post: This could be a before and after, this or that, how it started vs. how it is going or something relevant to culture or trends.

56. Share your wins: It could be a sale, your learning journey, career shift, goal achieved or the like milestones. No matter what the actual reason is, your community would love it if you celebrated along with them.

57. Horror stories: Stories about your worst customers, employees, colleagues, managers, vendors and what you learned from it.

58. Share your routines: Your exercise, pre-work or post-work, morning, and your evening routines.

59. A day in the life: What your workday looks like. Everything from the tedious things to more exciting activities.This will help your customers understand what it’s really like to be a small business owner.

60. Your Why: What keeps you going? You can share what’s most important to you in your personal life or the mission behind your small business. This helps your customers understand what you are most passionate about and what drives you.

61. Meet The Team: It’s nice for your customers to get to know you as well as the team that helps your small business stay afloat. Can your team members each do a video to introduce themselves? Or are you a family-run business? Let your customers get to know the people behind your business.

62. About Your Business Name: Share how you came up with your business name! Most of your customers might not know the meaning of your company’s name. Share the story of how you came up with the name and what it means.

63. Start-to-Finish Timelapse: It can be fun to watch something at high speed to see the entire process for how something is made from beginning to end. Show off anything you want in a high-speed timelapse: a day in your life, how you create your products or even how you decorate your front desk.

64. The Best Sellers: Show off your best-selling products or services! Highlight one or two of your products that are most popular and explain why people love it. This would be a great video to post when you’ve recently re-stocked some of your best sellers.

65. What You Wish You Knew: Another high-quality type of video content a small business can share on social media is something they’ve learned or wished they had known sooner in their journey as a small business owner.

66. Show Processes: There are probably plenty of things you do everyday in your small business that you could show your customers a behind-the-scenes look while sharing tips for your fellow business owners.

67. Something Satisfying: Who doesn’t love when a super satisfying video pops up in their feed? For example, if you are a baker can you share a video of a perfectly iced cake? Or if you are a chiropractor can you share a super satisfying back crack?

68. Things That Just Make Sense: You might have seen the TikTok trend where people share things in their home that ‘just make sense’. A fun spin on this for small business owners is to share things in your business that make sense and help you run your business more smoothly.

69. Shout-Out to Other Small Businesses: As a small business owner you know how important it is to support small businesses and how much it means to you when someone shows you support. Why not share the love? Give a shout-out to some of your personal favorite small businesses.

70. Create News-Based Videos: Share your thoughts on the most recent events, discuss the week's top news articles, make an event timeline, or conduct interviews to find out how others felt about significant happenings.

71. Company Culture: A video highlighting company culture tells the audience what your business' goals are, its values, and why it exists. These videos are relatable to the audience and grab the attention of a potential job seeker. It also gives the audience a sneak peek into the atmosphere of a company.

72. Reaction Videos: As the name suggests, you’re reacting to content like a movie trailer, music videos, TV episodes, and more. These videos also help you with improved engagement and relatability.

73. Tech Unboxing: This could be new equipment or technology you got for your business. These videos usually involve the opening of packages for the first time.

74. Virtual Tour Video: Utilize this well-liked video format to give audiences a look behind the curtain. For example, you can display your room, house, workplace, neighborhood, or favorite location.

75. Bust Some Myths: Do you have proof that a widely held assumption is untrue? Then, dispel the myth and explain why it is inaccurate. Conveying information is about making people feel like they've learned something new, and these videos are frequently watched and well-liked.

76. Book Review: The experience of reading books is comparable to traveling. Additionally, each journey takes time and effort. Therefore, if you enjoy reading a lot, utilize your knowledge to assist others in selecting the best trip.

77. Talk about New Inventions: Every day, something new is created. Be among the first to use and share videos about the latest device or gadget.

78. Trying things for the first time: Film yourself or your friends or family or colleagues trying out things for the first time in life. This is popular for lifestyle influencers and food creators but equally so for business owners.

79. Challenge Videos: From the ice bucket challenge to the cinnamon challenge, these videos can sometimes manage to capture public attention on a phenomenal scale. Research on the latest trend and make your own challenge video and add a twist to it. Often challenge videos that go wrong are the most popular but don’t purposely sabotage your efforts. A fake fail is not nearly as hilarious as the real thing.

80. Analysis of Scenes: This could be a TV show, movie or a revered classic scene that you can do an analysis, breakdown or reaction on. Some examples of sales, business or finance related scenes can be found on the following: The Big Short, Wolf of Wall Street, Margin Call just to name a few. Sometimes people miss things on first viewing and you can be the one that fills in the gaps for them or share a different interpretation of that scene.

81. Tip of the day: This could be planned or scheduled with assigned days such as #MotivationMonday, #TuesdayVibes, #WednesdayWisdom, #TBT – Throwback Thursday, #TGIF & #SaturdayMorning.

82. Share your favorites: You can start with this list of your favorites - YouTube channel, online course, tool or resource, product or service, influencer, and guilty pleasure.

83. Expectation vs reality: People will always have some weird misconceptions about a particular job, career or even industry. Share the most common myths about what you do and share the reality of it all.

84. Polls: This one is underrated. You can use this as a verification or research tool. You can also hold a poll on a topic from your industry and see/share the results of it.

85. Other people’s content: This one is a no-brainer but also consider adding your thoughts into the conversation. This could be an image, article or another person's video that forwards awareness of your industry.

86. Appreciation post: Give a shout-out to your employee, partner, mentor or adviser who has been there for you in the good times (and bad). The medium can be text, audio or video.

87. Team takeover: To switch things up, consider letting your staff take over your company page for one week. Do also set parameters when implementing this. ;)

88. Review Something: Take a product or show or episode or movie or something and review it. People like hearing what other people think about things, especially if they’re on the fence about buying or seeing something.

89. Show Off a Collection: Collect bottlecaps, baseball cards or vintage postal stamps? Showing off a collection of items you hold near and dear can make a good impression on your viewers.

90. Parody Another Video: Saw a video or person that resonated with you? Might as well make fun of it.

91. Talk About Philosophical Concepts: Why are you here? Does life have meaning? Why are we here? Why are you reading this? This 100 content ideas list can’t answer those questions, but maybe you can!

92. Skills teaching videos: If you’re good at painting, teach them how to paint. If you are good at a particular music instrument, teach them how to play that instrument. If you are good at design, selling, and so on and so forth, you can definitely not just make one video of it but even a series.

93. Completing the bucket list of videos: These types of videos get more interesting with the types of wishes you have. You can start with your smallest of wishes and make a series of videos as you move towards the biggest of them. This could be you trying an exotic food or extreme sport/activity.

94. Compilation video ideas: Compilation videos are one of the most popular and highly viewed video types that require almost zero video production work. All you have to do is find the right content and present it enjoyably.

95. Reviewing your year: It is kind of like a YouTube rewind of your video/image content. It can showcase the many popular videos you have published throughout the year or your ‘Best’ video list of sorts.

96. Cheat Sheets and Hacks: Share hints, tips, and hacks with your audience to help them get the most out of their time. This could be a content series as well.

97. Bloopers: Bloopers from your shot are a great way to show your audience the authentic, unfiltered side of you while also creating a humorous film.

98. Mashups or montage: A video mashup creates a new video from several unconnected segments. You could showcase clips from your top podcasts or Q&A videos as an example.

99. Say Thank You: And last but not least, don’t forget to say thank you to all of your customers, friends, family and local community members who help support your small business.

100. Repurpose existing content: You can take a tweet and make that into a video. Or quote a podcast episode where you said something awesome and turn that into a tweet or short-form video. It could be a vertical video or even an audiogram. It can even be turned into an image. It is up to you!

These proven 100 content ideas are only the beginning. From top ten lists to comprehensive guides, you’ll be able to come up with something that will captivate your audience and help you stand out from the competition.

Remember to mix it up and keep your audience interested. Don’t forget to consider your target audience, set clear goals, and track and analyze your efforts to ensure the best possible results.

So go ahead, get creative and happy creating!

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