Globe blocks 1.1B scam, spam messages in Q1

Leading digital solutions platform Globe blocked close to 1.1 billion scam and spam messages in the first quarter of 2023, complementing government efforts against online fraud bolstered by the SIM Registration Act. With the heightened campaign against scammers and the push for SIM registration, Globe has booked a five-fold jump in blocked unwanted and unsolicited messages from 217.31 million recorded in the first quarter of 2022.

Likewise, blacklisted SIMs from Globe’s Stop Spam portal soared to 22,455 from January to March 2023 compared to only 1,812 in the same period last year. Globe also deactivated 647 SIMs, of which, 610 were involved in sending scam or fraud messages, while the remaining 37 were used in sending spam messages.

The portal allows customers to easily report mobile numbers responsible for spam/scam messages and calls. Subscribers just need to upload screenshots of the spam or scam messages and fill in the required details such as the senders’ number or caller ID, the recipient’s number, and suspicious links received.

Last year, Globe blocked a record 2.72 billion scam and spam messages, more than double the 2021 level of 1.15 billion amid a strengthened campaign against fraudsters. It also deactivated 20,225 SIMs and blacklisted 35,333 SIMs.

At our core, we remain committed to providing a secure digital experience for our customers. Aside from our various consumer protection initiatives, we are continuously investing in advanced spam detection and blocking systems to protect our subscribers from unwanted and unsolicited messages,” said Globe Chief Information Security Officer Anton Bonifacio.

Globe has invested heavily in spam and spam SMS detection and blocking systems.  The company has spent $20 million on its Security Operations Center, which works round-the-clock to filter out unwanted messages, including app-to-person and person-to-person SMS from international and domestic sources.

As an industry first, Globe started blocking SMS with clickable URLs in September 2022 in response to the growing concern over the escalating scam and spam messages, particularly those containing the mobile users’ full names. To further prevent its subscribers from becoming victims of unscrupulous organizations and individuals, Globe encourages them to register their SIMs on or before the April 26 deadline mandated by the government under the SIM Registration Act.

Globe SIMs may be registered for free anytime and anywhere via and the GlobeOne app. Globe has also made available on-ground SIM Registration Assistance in its stores, EasyHubs and booths in remote areas. To learn more about Globe, visit

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