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Monday, July 27, 2009

My thoughts on President Arroyo's 2009 State of the Nation Address

Monday, July 27, 2009 Posted by vernon go , ,
In fairness to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, I would rate her 2009-9th State of the nation address as somewhat Bitter-sweet or somewhat just a passing grade. She did mention facts of success that which her administration was responsible for, a start but still not enough. Things and stuff that was discussed in the 2009 state of the Nation address is of course the ongoing global crisis and our economic resiliency plans, climate change, education, programs of the administration more specifically with regards to trade and investments, agribusiness, mining, tourism, environment, energy and technology, achieving peace and order by crushing terrorism and rebellion and of course addressing the issue of corruption.

On education, she introduced credible successes but in the span of her term from 2001-2009, she could have done better. Another thing that she mentioned is that there will be an implementation of a "2-year pre-university program" to make filipinos globally acknowledged and competitive, this I think will be debated in the months or years to come.

On climate change, she did not mention the misbehavior of DENR and DOE for issuing or allowing more coal plants and lack of consultation for other related ventures. The rest of her samples are good and I'm looking forward about it but still, it is "To be implemented." Such as the lowering of power costs, Bio Fuels law, Alternative Energy sources...and the like.

On the Global Financial and economic crisis, well we have a different financial and economic system compared to the US, we do not have a sub-prime mortgage crisis, bad lending practices and so-on which may have contributed to our not so affected economy. All of the stuff her mentioned regarding this was too vague or "motherhood statements."

On Business and employment, mentioning new policies to help our local entrepreneurs and returning OFWs engaging in business. She cited that there should be an ICT department and the ever growing and competitive BPO and tourism industries. Once again, not totally proactive planning; these two industries alone cannot employ all of the Filipinos who are under/unemployed; I am not really a fan of sending more OFWs abroad, we should focus more on developing our local economy and not just encouraging the youth to take "TREND Courses."

On peace and order in Mindanao, she mentioned peace talks to the CPP and MILF but no mention of the Abu-sayaff? Hmmmm

On giving thanks and orders to congress, she did this a lot like telling them to make more budget requests on specific stuff, the passing of pending bills such as CARP extension, Maximum retail price for Cheaper meds, and the Transport Security law.

On lashing out on her critics, I'd say this is the first time she did respond to them. It was quite funny where she was sarcastic towards some people like Erap or people in the opposition. It's good to see that she was somewhat hurt and is definitely human. hehehe

She mentioned some samples or symbols of success from a badjao native, an OFW, a muslim Bar Exam top notcher, Manny Pacquiao and others. But it still does not show the current situation of the majority of filipinos.

Although she did not mention that she will not pursue another position, or do a martial law, she did say something about Voting, that she will fight and continue to work until the last day of her term. It is somewhat hanging but unlike previous State of the Nation Addresses, she did not mention of future plans but instead talked about her overall administration achievements from 2001 to 2009 as if she will be living. But then again, there is still about 10-11 months to go and we will know in the coming months or until her term ends that she would not become prime mister or something else.

I wanted her to be balanced in resenting her State of the Nation Address like mentioning the negatives and the positives but I guess that is not her style. But I give her a passing grade for she did what she can as president, while inheriting the previous problems of the administration that she took over, and facing challenges & problems such as the bird flu, H1N1 Virus, OFW problems abroad, natural disasters and the global economic & financial crisis.