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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Windows 7 Cebu Launching

Sunday, November 22, 2009 Posted by vernon go , , ,
Windows 7 was Launched in Cebu last November 21-22, 2009 at Cyberzone of SM City Cebu. Windows 7 Operating System is amazing with all its new features and from vista as well. Windows 7 is truly windows XP mixed with Windows Vista. Windows 7 is light and powerful at the same time. As far as my usage is concerned, I would settle for Windows 7 home NOT windows 7 starter.

The Windows 7 event launching in cebu was a bit late or had a not-so-new feeling maybe it was like one month late from that official launch and release of windows 7 last October 22 and towards the end of november (Which is quite understandable and all). The Cebu-Windows 7 launching was kind of like a launch for not-so-techy-end-users like parents, old people or basically not too up-to-date people, at least that is what I had observed and felt.

I was kind of excited when i got there for there might be some other way to acquire of the windows 7 freebies, but sad to say there wasn't. What I was referring to was the free items to be given away, but there was only one way to get them and that was to the so-called point system (you need to register and accumulate points online to get freebies). So I only got 300 points, half of the windows 7 shirt and 1/3 for windows 7 jacket. So, I ended up with a windows 7 pin and a windows 7 pen.

The point system is OK and all but that just cater to "ONLINE PEOPLE" and techy people, so that was a bit of a negative for me. Anyway, I enjoyed the free information/education I got from the windows 7 volunteers who oriented me about windows 7's functionality and features.

I had fun at least in testing windows 7 OS on multiple brands of PCs, laptops and netbooks which helped me in choosing for a viable netbook that is powered by a windows 7 home. Anyway, Tech events in cebu need more improvements and lots of work, until the next tech-event I'll keep my fingers crossed.

So get your Windows 7 Operating System in your nearest Tech Store! For more information, visit Microsoft Windows 7 for more details.