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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Craziest February 14th ever

Sunday, February 14, 2010 Posted by vernon go , , ,
This is by far the Craziest February 14th ever. Well last year was crazy too but during that time, the contents of my mind was only two words: THESIS & GRADUATE nothing more nothing less. But today is simply plain insane, I mean check out this to do list:

-I gotta do some required blog posts for (so this counts as the 1st tas of the day)
-Blog posts for my niche blogs
-Sponsored blog posts (Which simply cannot be squeezed in)
-Take a bath and pack some stuff into a big bag (Its gonna be a long day and I will go straight to work after the other activities below)
-Go to church (Uber phail...I'm sorry)
-Attend my cousin's Birthday Party (Yes February 14 is his birthday)
-Remember dance moves and lyrics for CBS presentation
-Attend Cebu Bloggers' Society 2nd year Anniversary (Out of all the days)
-Kung Hei Fat Choi! (1st day of the Chinese New Year!~weeee!!!)
-It's Valentine's day (gotta make sure that the valentine's flower and chocolates were sent and received ^_^)
-Singles Awareness/Appreciation Day (Greet, spam those peeps in facebook and SMS)
-Eat a lot! (yeah I got bloated)
-Go to work (Sleep and have a good dream >_<)

Overall it was an awesome day and glad that I spent it!! Can't wait for another next year already!

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