Bb. Pilipinas Scandal?

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Scandal (Definition) - A publicized incident that brings about disgrace or offends the moral sensibilities of society; A person, thing, or circumstance that causes or ought to cause disgrace or outrage

But really, we ought to see this in a different perspective. Maybe were just pouring out our negativity at her since we just had multiple political dramas (or maybe it’s just me speculating on stuff).

"Let he who is without Sin, Cast the first stone." - It takes enormous amount of guts just to stand in front of a crowd and another set of guts to speak in front of a crowd (Well I've had my own share of Public Speaking and stage shortcomings).

Janina San Miguel is a 17-year-old mass communications major and attends the University of the East. She was declared the Binibining Pilipinas 2008 Winner after the funny Question and Answers portion in which she rambled to some of the Judges Question. She had also previously won the Best in Swimsuit and Best in Evening Gown at Miss Philippines 2008 at the same Event.

They tell us that we should not judge her because she doesn’t know English, and speaking in English is a sign of colonialism yadda yadda: “Please don’t take the “English is a colonial language” argument in justifying this travesty. Some of us actually don’t care whether she answered in English or in Filipino. The point is that she didn’t answer the question, but she still won.

A candidate can slip and fall off the stage and we’ll still accept her if she wins the title. We’ll laugh at her and we’ll talk about her, of course, but we will not question the judges’ decision as long as she has been able to prove her mettle in the competition. However, a candidate can’t crash and burn during the Question and Answer portion and expect people not to complain and ask questions if she wins a major title.

With that, the following questions/challenges are raised:

  1. What were the basis for the Judges’ decision.

  1. Filipino should be given more importance in the country (Our culture together with our environment is obvious degrading)

  1. English is declining and we should do something about it. She does not come from a wealthy family -- she did not have the privileges that would have turned her into a better English speaker

  1. Our public education should be Improved (Not just in the facilities).

She is still 17, yeah sure she made mistakes and has been presented an opportunity to compete in Miss World. Instead of pulling her down and complaining, we should lift/raise her up. What is done is done and cannot be undone.

Improve yourself… then show the world what you & what Filipinos can do!

Click Here if you want to see the Video on the Q & A - portion

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  1. i saw the event itself and i was dumbfounded when i heard her name announced as winner. i have nothing aginst the person obviously, she's fine and beautiful but well.. she'd be representing the country and what does that have to say about us? maybe there are implications (deeper) of the way she answered but it's a different matter.

  2. it's time we pull a China and start using Pilipino in international what-have-yous. OFWs have already dominated the globe anyway... :>

  3. the decision made was undeniably questionable. but she made it whatsoever, we'll just have to support her.