Proud Past: Land of Kings & Heroes

Before the Philippines was invaded by Spaniards and others, our humble Island of Cebu or Sugbu has been ruled over by Rajahs or Kings; our ancestors (1st Hero: Rajah Lapu-Lapu & Humabon) made the first and only successful resistance to the mighty Spaniards who tried & failed the 1st time to conquer our proud people & land. 

Indeed we always had proud and glorious moments in the past, they did not only leave Physical mementos, but also lessons learned on resilient and sustainable practices; the values of volunteerism, Bayanihan as well as being diligent, industrious and being peace-loving. Despite the division of classes, we Filipinos have no record of poverty in the past (Allegedly :D).

Gabii Sa Kabilin in South-Sibonga: Nuestra Señora Del Pilar Church (Built 1828-37 with Mural Paintings of Rey Franca)
"Heritage sites and museums can be a cure for our “amnesia” about our culture and heritage."

All these sense of place and pride came to me during this year's Gabii sa Kabilin 2012. Oldies and Newbies of culture and heritage were recently given a treat thru GSK which showcased new, old museums, antiques, relics and other related items that showed our glorious past. Participants were treated to Filipino-Chinese-Spanish-and-American Heritages on display during the course of the night.

Century Old KK Flag displayed in USPF Rizaliana Museum
"History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, however, if faced with courage, need not be lived again." -Maya Angelou

I think we can also learn more about our pre-hispanic culture and history. Because our culture has been so mixed up due to our conquerors, we must go back to basics. We are also surrounded with so much negativity that we have forgotten our PROUD PAST.

“All Filipinos want to be something else. The poor ones want to be American, and the rich ones all want to be Spaniards. Nobody wants to be Filipino.” -Barth Suretsky, an American expat who lived and died in the Philippines
  • From 1542 to 1877, the word “Filipino” referred to a Spaniard living in the Philippines—the rest of the natives were called, “Indios.”
  • In 1998, a Greek dictionary defined the word “Filipina”, as a domestic helper.
  • about 4 years ago, “Filipinos” is the brand name for a series of biscuit snacks made by Kraft Foods in Europe.
  • Today, some Filipinos are ashamed of his/her brown color, short height and snot-nose? (Case-in-point: Glutathione for white skin anyone?)
  • Most Filipinos look to a foreign country, a foreign husband, a foreign citizenship for hope and salvation? (Basis: Overpopulation of Nurses)
Who knew? -  carved stone face weigh at least 500kg. which was discovered near the Iron Age Excavation site in Magsuhot, Bacong, Negros Oriental [USC Museum's Archeology section]

We were once great, we can do it again..the wheels of fate shall turn back to our favor: 
  • During the time of Rizal, Filipinos in Europe were referred to as “the glory of the universities”.
  • Look back to the 50s and 60s when the Philippines was still the most envied country in Southeast Asia. 
  • Our ability to adapt in different places, cultures and environments; we have the best skilled workers in the world OFWs, BPO workers and Online Freelancers have shown it.
  • World Talent: Manny Pacquiao, Lea Salonga, Charice Pempengco, Jessica Sanchez and many more!
“A people without a sense of history is a people doomed to be unaware of their own identity.”

revisiting our Chinese roots [shown inside Museo Parian sa Sugbu - 1730 Jesuit House]
Japanese Ceramics display in USC Museum; this is in reference to some Japanese ceramics found in Boljoon, Cebu (Church & convent), dated around 1650-80 in which the designs were traced in the once Hizen Region, Japan

Room for Improvements:
Having joined multiple GSKs, I understand that ever since it’s inception, the Gabii sa Kabilin is an introduction of Cebuano’s rich culture and Heritage for Cebuanos, but what about beyond introduction?

My favorite casual-ish museum for young and old - Halad Music Museum

I think now is the best time to ramp up Cultural Tourism (A nice looking MAP as well would be awesome >_<), something like a mini-GSK or hapon sa Kabilin scattered across the year that will inspire a rediscovery and ownership of our unique FILIPINO IDENTITY - restoring our pride as a people and our dignity as individuals.

Are we doomed or satisfied to have No pride, no identity, no recollection of a once glorious past that can project US in leading the future of his country? Only time will tell.

We must not forget the past, our ancestors have shown & perhaps reminded us about how to stay resilient, flexible, robust, & sustainable through hard work, working smart, unity & to live with dignity.

L-R: Dielbert, Catherine, Reyziel and Charlon - Argao Youth Heritage Volunteer Society together with a local guide-councilor of argao; This group amazed me knowing more about their local heritage than those living over 20 years in the area; saw them again in GSK 2012, they were observing how GSK is done (I was also surprised & impressed with the Volunteer Architecture Tour Guides in Jesuit House-Museo Parian sa Sugbu) ~ it would be nice to have something similar here in the City of Cebu --perhaps with a Social Business Enterprise application? Hmmm
Our culture is our foundation, it is something that we can be proud of, it puts a base direction in our life. Is there an essence in having a successful and fulfilled but selfish life? If you want to be successful for a day, create a name. Be different. If you want to be successful for a year, build a brand. Create excellence consistently. If you want to be successful in the next 20 years, preserve a reputation. Be trusted. If you want to be successful for a lifetime, Build a Better Nation! Attain success not just for yourself but for your neighbours, your community, your country and for the generations to come!


This is an official entry to the 2012 Gabii sa Kabilin Blogging Contest. :)
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  1. I'm a proud BISDAK (^_^) you did a tremendous job Engr. Go! very informative and nakakaPROUD! God bless you even more!

  2. Heroes have fought a herculean battle for our country. What else could hinder us from being proud of our heritage? It sounds like an awakening! :D

  3.  “A people without a sense of history is a people doomed to be
    unaware of their own identity.” :D  TRUE! :)

  4. Without the our past, we don't have what we have today! It should have more like GSK's event to maintain and remember our proud past :)

  5. So informative reminders to all brown-skinned. It is not about the color of our skin that we will be recognized of, it is the color of our heart.-proud to be cebuana!
    Nice one Go!

  6. i didn't know that we had so rich history still seen in the museums! too bad, the youth today visit more the malls rather than these museums. however, i'm glad that this blog took us to a tour. :) CULTURE has to be reminisced and remembered. 

  7. and for that you have to search and tell me of heritage sites or the like diha sa pinamungahan! :D

  8. thank you very much teacher! :P

  9. indeed it is a fact these days!

  10. I agree with more but timing is also key

  11. yes, youth should be more aware and vigilant since whatever shall we leave behind to the generations that will come after us?

  12. indeed! there are so much to explore..ü We must create excellence not just for ourselves but for everyone...thank you for sharing verning! 

  13. Congratulations for winning 3rd prize in the 2012 Gabii sa Kabilin Blogging Contest...
    More power and God bless!