September Roundup

I was so busy that for the first time, I was not able to blog for a month!! These are the things that i have been doing:

Finished my 2 Thesis - Industrial Research Project and Design Project; Also had our Pre-Oral and Oral Validation (Defense). T'was Crazy, my Panelist for Design were 2 Faculties and a manager from Matimco, Inc.. And for IRP still the same dude from matimco but together with a part-time faculty who is a senior systems analyst IE in Metro Gaisano.

Celebrated my birthday SEPTEMBER 19!!!!! YEAH I am

Food Delights - Yes I was treating people like crazy for this whole month, i don't know why but I guess It's one of those stress coping mechanisms. Also in my quest for gaining weight I ate the following food or went to these eating places (Mr. Chips, Bread @ Priza's Bakeshop, Mcdonald's, Oreo, Bananaque, Sunburst Fried Chicken-Tabunok Branch, Jollibee-Tabunok-oriente-minglanilla branches, Cool Savers: Halo Halo, Chowking, Greenwich, and some others I have forgotten.)

DOTA - Played Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne: Defense of the Ancients the whole week last week (I guess another stress-coping mechanism)

Exams - Pre-Final and Final Exams...I don't now if I passed those exams

Helped people or classmates in-need - Transforming files to PDF, Consultations in other subjects such as: Systems Simulation w/ Promodel, Marketing Management, and Management Information Systems.

Stock Trading Game - Still sucked at it but in return gained more understanding regarding the stock market. Still haven't read the Rule #1 by Phil Town Book
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