Friendster blog 2.0 is now powered by WordPress

Checked my mail..followed it up and I found this!! Good News to all Friendster users and/or Newbie Bloggers! The social networking site Friendster is currently migrating its blog into the WordPress environment, a welcome move from the most established social networking site. Friendster blogs are now powered by a new platform, so I had to check it out, and at first glance, my friendster blog really looks like a WordPress blog with the default theme on it.

There are currently 20 themes available to choose from, it’s not customizable but it’s widget ready, in addition, plugins can be uploaded (don’t ask me how, since I have only changed my theme so far for my friendster and I'm a blogger user not so savvy with WordPress) to further enhance the blogs capability.

If you are using the previous Friendster blog version, you can migrate by visiting this link. And if you haven’t activated your friendster blog, then it’s time to do so and enjoy it.

This is by far the best move of Friendster so far! They should have done this like years ago!
Friendster blog 2.0 is now powered by WordPress Friendster blog 2.0 is now powered by WordPress Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Saturday, November 01, 2008 Rating: 5


  1. i dont like to blog on friendster kay d maka post og videos

  2. aws... ok ra cya kung text and image posting? ehehehe

  3. at least... for the past few years naka himo jud sila ug gamay na improvement.. hehe

    i-suggest nalang na ang audio ug video postings... i think friendster is very open for suggestions..

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  5. bloggin on friendster is juse merely a personal blogging concept..not the best idea to establish your blog on friendster..:)
    good article..:)
    bisayan blogger ka?

  6. yay! karon pa sila nakaImprove? aeeehhe.. sowe po

  7. ang tagal na nito? ngayon mo lang nalaman hehe? peace...

  8. Yes i know about it. but i don't know, whether it is useful or not. Thanks for the post.