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Almost a year ago, The prince of Philippine SEO, Marhgil Macuha and Zigfred Diaz launched an ebook entitled “Guerilla blogger’s strategy and tactics on how to make cash online.” The ebook is simply a compilation of most of Marhgil’s post and Zigfred’s posts, however the material is organized in a very unique manner. The free ebook was met with positive responses and appreciated both by newbie and veteran bloggers alike.

This coming October 2009, in celebration of the first anniversary of the launching of our ebook, we will be launching and updated version of our ebook. We will be including a “testimonial” section wherein “Guerilla bloggers” who have achieved success by following our “guerilla” techniques or those who followed the suggestions of our ebook and those who followed Marghil’s blog or Zigfred’s blog even before the first ebook was released.

The Guerilla strategy and tactics to make money online:

I read the e-book but I haven’t fully applied everything there since one cannot learn everything in one lecture, sitting or even reading. It should be a continuous process of trials, errors and improvements. My Personal blog is powered by blogger and it would be difficult to apply some aspects in the e-book for its easily applicable to wordpress but one thing’s for sure, I have tried some the tactics and IT WORKS.

What I like about this ebook is that pinoy bloggers initiated it. Oh sure there are a lot of SEO guides and website/blog utilizations out there, but its different when a co-pinoy/blogger shares there insights and strategies with corresponding examples. Such as: Case Studies, sample keyword densities, hi-jacked keywords, data graphs and the likes.

I would suggest anyone who reads the ebook slowly but surely and repeatedly incase there was something/part which you missed. The presentation is simple and direct to the point, blogging isn’t rocket science but one needs a guide such as this ebook & lots of patience, enthusiasm and the mindset to continually learn and improve.

So, Be a Guerrilla Blogger now!
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