Meeting Joseph "Ace" H. Durano

This shall be one of the first of many posts talking or featuring influential people that I have met. We had the chance to have a little chit-chat with Sec. Ace Durano about how influential bloggers are in our generation and he even said he would also like (if possible) to sit down with us (bloggers) and share thoughts. This was after the premiere of “Sangtuwaryo” - a cebuano, cultural and environmental movie in which I had a previous blog post. Overall, he's a very down to earth guy, easy to approach and friendly. I was honored to meet him and would like to meet and talk with him again.

More on Ace:

Joseph "Ace" H. Durano was one of the youngest to be elected representative to the 11th congress. He was an Assistant Majority Floor Leader and Vice Chairman of the Committee on Trade and Industry during this time.

As Congressman:

Ace was the Assistant Majority Floor Leader and Vice Chairman of the Committee on Trade and Industry during his time as a member of the 11th Congress of the House of Representatives. He also became a member of the House of Representatives during the 12th Congress and took on the role of Chairman of the Committee on Public Order and Security and the Vice Chairman of the Committees on Public Works and Highways and Dangerous Drugs. During that time, he was also chosen as Secretary General of the Nationalist People's Alliance (NPC).

As a representative of the 5th District of Cebu, Ace was known for his accomplishments:

* building infrastructures in Port of Camotes
* granting scholarship to 132 high school students and 233 college students
* construction of school buildings
* initiated the Hospitalization Assistance Fund and other health programs
* initiated programs on agriculture
* implemented the rice subsidy and basic commodity programs
* provided housing assistant funds to 1100 members of 4 Teachers' Cooperatives
* provided capital for the infrastructure assistance fund worth 3 million pesos for 6 multi-purpose cooperatives

As Secretary:

When he was appointed as secretary of the Department of Tourism, Ace continued the I Love Philippines! Biyahe Na! Project. This project aims to attract more tourists to visit the most interesting and scenic spots in different areas of the Philippines. One of the projects that Ace has committed himself to is the beautification of the Rizal Park found in Manila, which may be considered as one of the major tourist attractions in the country. Ace also led the Ginintuang Pamana Project, which aims to make the beauty of Intramuros, Manila known to people all over the world. He is also committed to the conservation of the natural resources found in Palawan because it is considered as one of the most beautiful destinations in the Philippines.

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