Education Nation Launching in Cebu

Coalition for Better Education, in cooperation with Education nation presents the launching of Education Nation Forum. August 10, 2009 at the Center for Teacher Excellence, Cebu Normal University. After the official launch, there was a corresponding forum after.

Speakers from various sectors both from the LGU and NGO shared their insights and urged the participants to join together in addressing the current challenges and problems of our educational system.

If one would describe the presentation strategy of one of the speakers, it would be "Shock and Awe." Why? because the figures our very disappointing and shocking. If we are able to enhance student performance in our country with an average of roughly 40-45% in 10-15 years, other countries average would be around 80-100%. Best practices were also shared by DepEd and NGOs but we have still a long way to go.

Many participants represented different sectors, to name a few: Philippine Business for Education, Ramon Aboitiz Foundaion Inc., University of the Visayas, Cebu Normal University, Cebu Institute of Technology, DepEd,University of San Carlos and many more...

Education Nation Manifesto:

We are Education Nation!

Affirming that education is the most powerful means out of poverty, ignorance, exclusion and war;

Believeing that every Filipino must have access to quality education - an education founded on the four pillars of learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be;

Recognizing that the Philippine Education System cannot be left to the government alone as it takes a village to raise a child;

Understanding that education reform, though an urgent need since the 1970s, has failed to deliver the desired and sustained learning objectives as reform efforts have been projectized and crisis response driven; and

Understanding further that politics has often been the bane of education reform as political considerations have poisoned education policies and decisions time and time again;

We have Banded together to form EDUCATION NATION.

For we believe that:

The Philippines must become an Education Nation -
  • where every filipino demands quality education for all,
  • where a system of education ensures our country's global competitiveness, and
  • where every election makes education a priority agenda

Our government must become an education government -
  • that makes education the national priority and key strategy to combat poverty,
  • that provides the needed resources for the right inputs, and
  • that ensures transparency and accountability in education governance and financing

Our next president should become and education president -
  • one who shall lead a sustained education reform effort with learning and the learner at the center,
  • one who shall appoint education managers who truly understand the education system and are committed to genuine reform, and
  • one who can create conditions for our educators to perform better, aspire higher and deliver continuous improvements.
Let us be an Education Nation Now!
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  1. we have heard things like this before, forums, seminars about education and its probs hope we put these learning into actions... really our system is frustrating and something the government should worry about.

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