Sangtuwaryo: Cebuano Film Experience

Sangtuwaryo is a film about a fisherman’s family stricken with poverty and tormented with their indiscretions hostile to the natural current of the environment. It is a story of hardships and the redeeming principles of man painted over the waves at the beautiful but battered fishing village of Duyong.

The movie was beyond from what I expected, I had that typical Filipino Crab mentality thought: "Don't Expect much from a local production.." but I was wronged and I am sorry. In my opinion, with a budget of around Php300-400++k...I would say that it's quality was that of around millions. The editing was great, the lighting, the breathtaking views and camera illusion and the like was all in the hands of one person which was the director, camera man and editor!

The Law of Nature Foundation presents Sangtuwaryo a film by Archie Modequillo and written by Cora Rosales-Jayma. Archie Modequillo is a film director and a tri-media news caster. He finished his Master’s on Film Making in the U.S.A. and he is a correspondent filmmaker for the National Geographic Channel in Southeast Asia while Corazon Rosales-Jayma is a versatile cebuano radio broadcaster, stage play drama, actress, and script writer.

The guests were of course CBS!!! (A few members of CBS); Department of Tourism Sec. joseph "Ace" Durano; Dr. Angel Alcala (a world class authority in ecology and biogeography of amphibians and reptiles, and is behind the invention of artifical coral reefs to be used for fisheries in Southeast Asia. Angel Alcala is the Director of the Angelo King Center for Research and Environmental Management); Environmental lawyers; Actors (Real Fisherfolks communities); and Atty. Antonio Oposa (a renowned environmentalist and the lone Filipino among six recipients of the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award this August 31, 2009); NGOs (I saw representatives from aboitiz and RAFI) students, teachers and many more were there.

After the movie, we listened to the closing remarks and had short talks and photo-ops with the screen play writer and director; and also a little longer chat with DOT secretary Ace Durano (which I will talk more on a separate post).

The project was supported by:
The Department of Tourism
Global Legal Action on Climate Change
Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation, Inc

The movie was beautiful and makes me want to watch more cebuano films but the i was wondering...where was the DENR people...hmmm?
Sangtuwaryo: Cebuano Film Experience Sangtuwaryo: Cebuano Film Experience Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Tuesday, August 18, 2009 Rating: 5


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  2. Do you have a DVD of this film?

  3. DVD will be out soon. Thanks for coming Iggy.

  4. nice raba unta ni dah! aboitiz mnsd ni gud. nag dungan jd ang mga cbs activities ani. tsk..tsk..

  5. @Andoi query answered by laacebu
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