Craziest February 14th ever

This is by far the Craziest February 14th ever. Well last year was crazy too but during that time, the contents of my mind was only two words: THESIS & GRADUATE nothing more nothing less. But today is simply plain insane, I mean check out this to do list:

-I gotta do some required blog posts for (so this counts as the 1st tas of the day)
-Blog posts for my niche blogs
-Sponsored blog posts (Which simply cannot be squeezed in)
-Take a bath and pack some stuff into a big bag (Its gonna be a long day and I will go straight to work after the other activities below)
-Go to church (Uber phail...I'm sorry)
-Attend my cousin's Birthday Party (Yes February 14 is his birthday)
-Remember dance moves and lyrics for CBS presentation
-Attend Cebu Bloggers' Society 2nd year Anniversary (Out of all the days)
-Kung Hei Fat Choi! (1st day of the Chinese New Year!~weeee!!!)
-It's Valentine's day (gotta make sure that the valentine's flower and chocolates were sent and received ^_^)
-Singles Awareness/Appreciation Day (Greet, spam those peeps in facebook and SMS)
-Eat a lot! (yeah I got bloated)
-Go to work (Sleep and have a good dream >_<)

Overall it was an awesome day and glad that I spent it!! Can't wait for another next year already!

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