Shakey's Working Dinner

These are one of those days wherein you eat alone, work Alone and just feel left alone? I was pretty down as of this time in doing this pig-out session and did a Shakey's Working Dinner (Work backlogs and Blogging Backlogs). It is simply comfort food that got me through this day.

weefee with heavy dinner
Working in the BPO Industry, personally is not that much of a drag but the lifestyle, the swing hours, really does take a toll on ones' body, mind and spirit. No wonder other professionals in this industry are easily prone to negative activities and vices.

Salad with Fried Chicken and Ham & Cheese Sandwich? I Think...
Not much of a food blog post since I did not take note what I ordered, just did an innie-minnie-myni-mo! And Ate it to my heart's, stomach's Content! MMMMMMM COMFORT FOOOD at SHAKEYS SM BRANCH!
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