Big Eats at Bigby's Cafe & Restaurant

Why Big Eats at Bigby's Cafe & Restaurant? Cause they serve BIG, seriously! If you have a big appetite and probably a big stomach capacity then this place (Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant) is for you!

I finally spent my Bigby's GC (Gift Certificate) that I got almost a year ago. This time I treated 2 of my YMA-mates Janna and Lulurdie for a chow-down at Bigby's SM City Cebu - Northwing.

Cellphone: "Beepx2" ; Janna: "Wut..?" ; Lulurdie: "Too much Food..."

This is the Fisherman's Catch - Seafood plate

Another view of Fisherman's Catch which is good for 4 people

The Fisherman's Catch plate contains a tortilla-crusted dory fish, squiggly rings and two sticks of pre-grilled boomerang shrimps. This is served with rice as well.

Triple Crunch Platter

Another plate from the menu that we ordered was the Triple Crunch Platter which was supposedly good for (4). If my memory serves me right the platter is a combination of tic-tac-rols, nachos, and sweet onion loops. While eating, Bigby's interior design and ambiance makes the whole experience homey as well. See bellow:

Here's a look of the place's Cool, homey environment and lighting

Interior Design and awesome Lighting fixtures

So if you read above and based from what we ordered, 3 people ordered food good for 8 people, so go figure!! HAHAHAHA Hopefully, there will be more Big Eats at Bigby's Cafe & Restaurant next time so I can devour more of there sumptuous palate!

You can visit there site HERE!
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