(ICCON) International Culinary Congress 2010 a success

ICCON 2010
This was my 1st ever attending a local Food Event in Cebu. This was called (ICCON) International Culinary Congress 2010 wherein both professionals and students interacted and participated as well. There were 2 speakers:  FBMAS (Food and Beverage Managers Association in Singapore) president, Mr. Hai Poh Cheong, Singapore Executive Chef, Matthew Yim, CEO of Pages Holdings, Inc., Manuel Bunny Pages and many more.

ICCON 2010 presentation with a Chef from Waterfront Cebu City hotel

Students lining up to attend the ICCON 2010 Event
There was a student category competition for ICCON 2010 in partnership with University of Cebu:

Barista Competition
  • Napkin Folding
  • Fruit and Vegetable Carving
  • Flairtending
  • Dress a cake
  • Lobby Centerpiece making
  • 3 Tier Cake
  • Artistic Bread Showpiece
  • Chefs Relay
  • Celebrity Showcase

Jammed pack Grand Ballroom
On Culinary Arts

It was mentioned that “you cannot put procedures and policies in food” and “you cannot handcuff the chef” wherein this was referring to opening the creativity of students and people in culinary field. Many of the chefs are stuck on doing the usual food and have enclosed their minds in cookbooks and original recipes and then often fusing them with other recipes. Removing the barriers to one's mind will open their minds to creativity and possibilities of new discoveries.

Everyone should be encouraged to create something new and exciting instead of something just merely trending meals or food.

One of the Speakers covering Health, Nutrition and Good Food
Interesting fusion of Hospital and Hotel

The slide/presentation on Hospital-Hotels
The hospitals are now going in a very interesting trend. They are now becoming very hotel like and you can definitely observe this in the set up of the rooms with a class touch from the base to the ceiling. Some hospitals instead of calling the people in charge of the food as dietary officer are now calling them Food and Beverage Officers. I guess this is also in line with their Medical tourism promotion. Hopefully someday hospital food will actually be something to look forward to.

I really found this talk of making food nutritious but tasty at the same time, tasty in all senses: Aesthetics and presentation, Healthy and Taste Good (Stimulating your eyes, nose, and tongue!).

Some of the Carved Fruits and Vegetables and cakes
Overall, Cebuanos are passionate people and you can see it in everyone who love to eat, WE LOVE FOOD period. Hopefully someday we can still grow and improve in the culinary field and reach exemplary international standards not just settling for our very own Cebu Lechon, Chicharon, Dried Mangoes and the like, but something beyond that or new/innovative.
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