Weekend Soul Searching

Spotters and the Initiative Wall

The Aboitiz Leaders of Excellence (ALEx) just recently had a Youth Integration Activity where they brainstormed, reflected and discussed the problems of the youth and the pressing issues which are also areas of opportunity and engagement for the youth. I took this opportunity to have my own soul searching for myself to negate, do-away and find a change of pace against negative feelings, frustrations and nonsense in my brain and my life.

Cam view of the Challenge
This happened in Mountain View in which was also my first time there. Took some Photo-Ops with the area and place and did some little exploration.  In this way, the pent-up energies wandering inside of me can be channeled to make positive, meaningful and significant changes for my immediate community and of those around me.

Successful Venture!
One of the activities in which was both physically challenging as always were the Folding, Initiative Wall and the pockets of little activities during the 2-day experiential education venture. It was as good if not better than KAC (Kool Adventure Camp) as far as I remember (See KAC Post HERE).

The Circle
Talking or addressing people in a circle is best since everyone's attention is on you. This is one of the reminders I had during the activity, I'll try this out in our future meetings as well, standing or sitting, we'll have circle meetings.

Push, Pull, Carrying, Talking to Legs and Camwhoring during the Folding Activity
Our dreams give us strength to perform impossible tasks. The activities, did not necessarily challenge us intellectually but focuses on one's AQ (Adversity Quotient) or will power or even you may call it Fighting Spirit! Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without hope.

ALEx Moving Forward: Oo, Siyempre!
 Many times, people around you may fail you, abandon or leave you, but at the end of the day, you still have to move forward. You may ask yourselves and feel weak or undeserving, neglected, EMO, not-worthy, untalented, hopeless; but I tell you, none of that matters, after all is said and done, you still have to CLIMB and do the task at hand. If you failed the 1st time, try again; the second time, learn from your mistakes; despite your efforts, still no go--for the 3rd time try to find someone or people who have similar or complement one's goals and work with them. Whoever said that you can only climb a mountain alone?

IEs in YMA
It's good to have known and bonded with fellow IEs (Industrial Engineers) during this Awesome event! Hope to catch-up and work more with you guys and the others as well!

About YMA:

Young Minds Academy (YMA) is a youth citizenship and leadership development program of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI) aimed at developing young emerging leaders to become responsible citizens and accountable, pro-active leaders that are ready to serve the public and its interests. Related posts Here, here, and Here.
Soul Searching End = Zen Moment with Kuya "Y"

About ALEx:

Aboitiz Leaders of Excellence is an integrated group of Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.'s youth programs. ALEx strives to create a common goal for the youth towards youth and community development. Also, ALEx wants to identify specific areas of involvement for the youth (e.g. environment, governance, education, health, poverty alleviation) where the impact can be BIG and at the same time sustainable.

In the end, I wished it continued on, but we need to move forward and apply what we have learned. As what I also read from Francis Kong: We should get rid of having the IKTA (I Know That Already) thinking. Instead, ask yourself again with BAIDI (But Am I Doing It) instead.

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