FREE HUGs Cebu-Sinulog 2011-Philippines

FREE HUGS ANYONE? AnyTWO, AnyBody? AnySexyBody? "Why do you give out free hugs?" "Why wouldn't you want a free hug??" "To share the love?" or "To get hugs from girls (boys)?" or "Because we want to show people we love them". Sometimes, all we need is a HUG!

Sinulog 2011
This is a simple campaign, just a sign and the ACT. The Hardships one may have on their daily routine or on an accumulated basis, sometimes a HUG is a lifesaver, a luxury or even if sometimes we deny it, it may become a need. Me and a couple of friends, wherein we call ourselves the FLOW Team, decided to take this challenge during the recently celebrated Sinulog 2011 on Cebu City's Streets here in the Philippines. We started at Robinson's Cybergate area near Fuente Circle and moved around the Circle, till we went to the bloggers booth.

It was rainy but the parade and Hugging went on
For me personally, it was a test in multiple levels. A test of my own Physical Limits, a test of Will, of personality and a Psychological test to name a few. It can also be looked at in the perspective of marketing, a form of advertising. But all in all, we chose Sinulog, not only because of the large number of people but also celebrating the Sinulog in a different way. It is my form of reaching out to others, sharing some HUGs, some feel good hormones, some form of love.

Hugs are a great way to communicate to someone. We might have crazy emo-depressing social network statuses, over thousand facebook friends and twitter followers, but we know less than 5% of them in reality. It's not really an effort to get to know someone, its just the same as doing a "like" on their status. Well It's crazy. So crazy it just might work. Once again, sometimes, all we need is a HUG!

Hugging a Snake?
It is something to be felt rather than defined. It's just like singing, or dancing. Why do we mindlessly move to an awesomely cool beat of a sound? Why do we sing along really to a depressing or fun song? Why do we even listen to anime soundtracks and sing by it without totally understanding it at first? Because we love to sing and/or dance? So why do you LOVE it? Well let's not go there but Hug someone and you'll understand. You'll get a tingly feeling, if you may assume that it's selfish, then I'll give you a HUG. It's like paying it forward, in this instance, its sharing a hug, sharing that tingly feeling or that warmth of a HUG.

Slow-mo pa daw
Well, we filipinos are not really the HUGGING types. It's kinda foreign, it's like TRUST, it needs to be earned or something. We don't really greet through hugs, especially guys, well girls are more comfortable hugging someone they haven't seen for a long time but that's just based from my overall interactions, and observations.

Biggest Hug of the Day
We mainly greet people with "oi / uy"! ; or "Insert-kidhat/kilay Here"; "musta or kumusta?"; "Bai or geng!" in a formal sense, we shake hands and sometimes accompanied with a tap to the shoulder or a sudden "agbay" so let's just face it, we don't entirely do Hugs. But we know that a Hug feels good, if not awesome!

Surprise Hug from my Blind spot
It's understandable to see people hesitate. Some stare, glare, wonder in bewilderment, we even heard some side comments: LOL, Wow! Cool, WEIRD, Eewww, Hahahaha, Aw, HMM; some excuses like: I want a Kiss not a Hug; I want in at my house, I'm shy, and many more!

Group hug daw
It's ok though, there's always the nagging gut-suspicious feeling, especially if strangers are walking around with a suit and carrying FREE HUGs signs. Perhaps some might even think of betrayal or harassment! BUT when a few brave souls do dare, however, the rest of the crowd begins to feel relaxed, obliged or comfortable enough to get a HUG for themselves. If you watch the faces of the huggers, then you'll see the truth: bewilderment, head scratching, giggles and laughter!

Pictyur2 -- we took some breaks too you know
What type of Hugs do you prefer though?
  • Chest-to-chest hugs
  • Side-to-side
  • Shoulder to shoulder hugs? 
  • Behind the Back? >_<
  • Body to Leg?
  • HAha what else?
Night fall and the crowd is HIBI

Tourista Hug
Thank you was the only thing we understood ;))
Witnessing a hug in public also brings laughter and joy but who knows, you just might get surprised. Hopefully we got to cheer up all those we hugged and brightened their day! &
Here is the Main source of this inspirational FREE HUGs Campaign!

I got a Hug when I got home from my sister!
Will update this post, once the video has been furnished, DO ENJOY the Photos for now :-)
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