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ETRODUCE? Well, its e-troduce or to introduce someone electronically via email, facebook, myspace or other online forum. But this "etroduce" that I am talking about right here is different. It uses that e-trodcution but via a social networking type of a site.

I just recently participated in a talk or you can call it, get-together via meetup dot com which was about Web/Tech Start-Ups and hosted by Mark John Buencon-sejo, General Manager of Caresharing. He talked about business, starting up and bootstrapping but also explained that when he and three other friends started their company SimpleTeq, it was tough, definitely easier said than done.

He also encouraged the audience to write blogs, comment on other people’s blogs and the like to connect.

Among those who presented there were start ups from young fresh grads and students to also older ones. This was one of them, the eTRODUCE concept-site.

Etroduce is basically a website that provides an efficient way of connecting with your friends’ resources. Like, etroduce someone or your friend to a company or someone in need of services. Or if you are loking for someone's services or job hiring, you'd definitely will trust a referal from a friend's friend's cousin or another friend.

Just use etroduce whenever you’re looking for a job, housekeeper, realtor, dentist, mechanic or just about anything, you want to lean on your friends’ recommendations. Etroduce is like a private network service that provides an efficient way of connecting with your friends' resources.

At Etroduce, they seek to eliminate risks by applying a social layer to the current and usual processes of hiring your next talent. Basically, they are striving to help Job applicants or head hunters avoid the headaches of working with some random person or the like. is not about popularity. The referrals gained are from true friends, people we truly know and can vouch for. Sign up is FREE since it is still on BETA Stage, so start interacting with your trusted circle of friends and help them out at the same time!

This is definitely an interesting concept! I'm always a fan of local tech start ups since whenever I come across them, they become a source of inspiration for me to try hard and my very best on my own start-up ventures as well.

I've already signed up, you should too and share it with your friends now!
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