SpellDial: Dial names not numbers

SpellDial: Dial names not numbers? It just means as it is, no fancy definition. I am still able to remember the days when I painstakingly memorized our home phone number or mobile number including others. But those number simply don't have any significant value in our lives, they are just random numbers assigned. But through Spell Dial, you dial names instead of numbers cause we remember names better than numbers.

This is another start-up which was featured once again through the Start-Up meet up I mentioned to you on my previous blog post. This SPELL DIAL thing is really an interesting Web App for smart phones but I guess it could also work on non-smartphones since I believe it is available across different Phone-OS.

It makes sense to "Spell Dial" since you accompany a name with a face and that means it has some significance it one's life, therefore, more innate motivation to make an effort to retain them in one's memory.

But what if one of your contacts lost their phone? What if one of your friends is hiding from an ex-boy/girlfriend and changed his/her number? What if your friend added or changed network. Or worse your sim and/or phone was stolen?

In SpellDial, you have the option to update the numbers immediately thus reducing the hassle. But when using Spell Dial, it is assumed that you are connected to the internet that is. Also, the "assigned names" are like real estate or patents or even domain names, WHY? Since there are definitely multiple VERNON GO's out there and to have that name be yours, one must be the 1st one to get it.

Create a Spelldial account now since its still on BETA and that means its FREE. Now you can start dialing names NOT numbers! It's easy, convenient and costs you nothing! Start dialing the names of your registered friends, your favorite restaurants and fast food chains. No numbers needed!

Spelldail believes in making connecting easier, practical and convenient. Since numbers are extremely difficult to remember and totally unrelated to your identity, Spelldial allows you to dial names instead of numbers. The reality is, names are easier to remember than numbers! It's a system designed to let you assign a custom name to your number, allowing people to contact you by dialing that custom name.

This is could be helpful for businesses but this is also scary as you are somewhat publicized. Security is one of their areas of improvement I guess. But that's the beauty of start-ups, nothing to lose, everything to gain!

Register and use this App to dial your friends' names now!
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  1. I happened to meet these guys at a meetup fairly recently, and they certainly are great young people.  Anyways, I happened to look at how to use their api and made a quick class for it to work on a sample page in my blog.  http://www.ostalks.com/2011/06/20/spelldial-class/

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