Red Mango Ayala Terraces

I have hear a lot of Buzz about Red Mango, I thought it was just another Yogurt Shop but I was wrong. Red Mango is a Frozen Yogurt, Waffles, Coffee, and Smoothies zone! But we came there for a yogurt, and they serve all-natural frozen yogurt with fresh toppings—a nutritious dessert!

Red mango Entrance via Food Choices-Cinemas Floor in Ayala
Red Mango Counter
Interior Design and SOFAs!!
I used up some of my Red Mango GC's for this one and it was very much worth it! The yogurt choices that you have basically range from Original (Costs Php80.00[S-4oz.], Php115.00[M-6oz.], Php150.00[L-8oz.], Php220.00[Family]), Green Tea (Costs Php85.00[S-4oz.], Php120.00[M-6oz.], Php155.00[L-8oz.], Php225.00[Family]), Shaved Ice only which costs Php125.00. Toppings will cost you Php20.00 - 1; Php30.00 - 2; Php40.00 - 3.

Original Yogurts (L)with Mandarin Orange & Walnut (R)with Walnut & hershey's chocolate toppings
Arnong, tingkering with the Yogurt
That's it for the yogurts, I was not yet paying attention to the coffee and waffles, so I'll do that maybe once I get back there. Fun Fact: Red Mango Started in South Korea back in 2002 and now has 150 stores worldwide.
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