We Get What we Deserve

Do you get the idea of the caricature? Interesting isn’t it?
But how many of us would bother to analyze this kind of scenario? Do we even care to understand what is it all about? Many are apathetic about what is happening in our society. We simply don’t stand up and PAY ATTENTION.

Poverty is there. The population is continuously increasing, corruption is becoming a culture in our country, and yet, it’s as if we don’t see anything. We are fond of hiding from the darkest part of our closets and are so afraid to get out and be heard.

Can you really afford to watch it happen everyday and do nothing?

On Currrent Events:

In NCR, there are kidnappings, bombings, threats not just to individuals but to the general commuting public. In mindanao, we still every now and again probably turn a blind eye on some so-called "sensitive issues". Or are we just losing trust in those who not just create but also those who uphold our laws?

If we see that they are ill equipped, we immediately go and say NO BUDGET, we need to assign a  BUDGET (Although there is some truth in it, it still pisses me off). If my history is correct and add to that my Economics subject, our ANCESTORS lived without money and money is just a standardized illusion in the first place to put value in things. We charge this and that, well, we exchange information in Facebook, share expertise via youtube, may they be ridiculous or awesome music and even services sometimes without realizing it. But it is proven and tested, our capacity to share.

On weather weather woes:

In Cebu, we whine and whine or even blame the weather without really asking why these things happen. It is easier to just blame than try to solve the problem. If we see it, we talk about it or even debate. Seriously? What should we debate about if we SEE IT in front of us? Debate on who's going to do this and that? Although one can do it alone if capable but the impact wouldn't be the same! WEH!

We have traffic since we don't know or follow traffic rules/laws and road courtesy. We have floods in urban areas since we don't understand the concept of DRAINAGE--it's not where you put your garbage people, its for WATER runoff for water-cycle or water treatment-reuse!

If its you're right to not care since we are in a democracy then what a sad life you have. Democracy is not just about having the FREEDOMS but what we almost all the time miss is that part of democracy are the responsibilities that is attached to those so-called freedoms. Responsibilities to yourself, to others and your community.

Its better if we do something. Let’s not be passive; we must take part in solving such problems because it concerns ALL OF US. As the youth of today, let us challenge ourselves and influence others to be part and create an IMPACT. Let us work together and think of SOLUTIONS to answer the problems that our society is currently having.

For if we won’t, who will? And if not now, when?

‎"The earth we abuse and the living things we kill will, in the end, take their revenge; for in exploiting their presence we are diminishing our future."



Karmina Cuzon, ALEx Member - Caricature
Mariejo Sevilla, ALEx Member - Caption
Via ALEx - Aboitiz Leaders of Excellence
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  1. Hi, you have a very well versed post here. I am on agreement with you regarding these things we have in our country today. Let me spread your context. Thanks.