Year of the Metal Rabbit 2011 for ME!

Kung Hei Fat Choi and happy New Year of the Metal Rabbit 2011 to you all! I am born under the rabbit sign, to be specific I am a FIRE RABBIT. I am really excited for myself this year weeee. Those born under the fourth sign can anticipate a long life, as the Hare symbolizes longevity in Chinese mythology. The Rabbit reflects all that is gracious, refined, and traditional. The Rabbit is a symbol of elegance, mercy and peace; it is sensitive and gentle.

I will explain further before from bits and pieces of information I have researched all over the place (Also, I will highlight BLUE for things that has happened, been happening or in which I agree, and RED for the Latter and maybe ORANGE for confusion).

Fire Rabbits - These are individuals born in the years 1927 and 1987. Fire Rabbits are known to exhibit a special spark in their personality which is why they have so many friends and admirers. It's no wonder that they're natural born leaders who enjoy getting all fired up and ready to go it climbing moutains, forging great bodies of water, or finding new adventures to occupy their interest. While Fire Rabbits are prone to temper tantrums, if truth be told, they prefer to avoid tempests in teapots at all costs, which is also why they need to learn to let reason control passion every now and then.

While unassuming and soft-spoken, the Rabbit is also known for his talent as a shrewd businessperson and a nimble negotiator who usually gets the better end of the deal. His or her success in this area could be attributed to his exceptional organizational skills and ability to avoid conflicts. Rabbits are rather clever and let everyone know it, but they can also be a tad moody or self-indulgent at times.

Usually they're shy, kind and tender. They make good friends and great partners in relationships. Nevertheless, their own space is important for them. Family is always priority number one for rabbits. A bright example here is world-known Hollywood couple Anjelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. They both were born in the year of rabbit, as one can see they care a lot about their family. Other famous rabbit people include:
  • Johnny Depp and Drew Barrymore
  • Jane Seymour and Kate Winslet
  • Tina Turner and Whitney Houston
  • Albert Einstein and Frank Sinatra
  • Jose Mourinho and Elle Macpherson
  • Roger Moore and Whitney Houston

Metal Rabbits - These are individuals born in the years 1951 and 2011. Metal gives Rabbits more strength, resilience and determination. On the plus side, they tend to be forthright, self-confident and perhaps visionary as well as being more ambitious or intense in their actions, be it in the field of work or personal relationships. On the negative side they are often conservative creatures rather inflexible and often loners; they can be polite and charmining on the outside but may exhibit a cold or indifferent to the feelings of others.

Water Rabbits - These are individuals born in the years 1903 and 1963. Like the water itself, these Rabbits prefer to go with the flow, avoiding conflict at all costs, even in situations that are stretch their patience. While they have a strong tendency to support others, that strength can become a weakness sometimes when others may take advantage of their good graces and goodwill. Their natural passivity combined with a contemplative nature can make them victims of remorse and "If Only" thoughts.

Wood Rabbits - These are individuals born in the years 1915 and 1975. Wood Rabbits spend a good deal of time doing things for others, always trying to please their family members, friends and colleagues. They also have a strong aesthetic taste and hence have a natural desire to pursue artistic and creative endeavors. Unknowingly however, their generosity and easy-going nature somestimes makes them an "easy touch" for those with another agenda in mind.

Earth Rabbits - These are individuals born in the years 1939 and 1999. Earth Rabbits are very practical and grounded in reality, and are more able to deal effectively with the ups and downs of life than other rabbits. They tend to be humble and aware of their limitations, are fond of being independent and enjoying solitude, and make decisions only after great deliberation which is also why their advice can be counted on in a pinch. Besides working diligently to make more money, Earth Rabbits also put a great deal of stock into their material comforts such as their homes as a place of security for their loved ones.

People who born in the year of rabbit are ambitious and talented, another thing about rabbits is that many of rabbit people are financially lucky for they are careful with money.


Positive Characteristics:
The Rabbit can be sensitive, tactful, home-loving, refined, prudent, discreet, long-living, ambitious, cultured, well-mannered, artistic, considerate, scholarly, suave, graciously hospitable, modest and unimpeachably virtuous.

Negative Characteristics:
While Rabbits are caring and compassionate creatures, they may have a few minor shortcomings; they may be a bit secretive, self-centered, self-indulgent, self-righteous and snobbish, prone to being pedantic and punctilious, when they're not being complicated and terminally condescending or behaving in a haughtily indifferent, judgmental or hypochondrial manner.

Rabbit Likes:
Beautiful art work, comfortable surroundings, conversation and even gossip, long hairstyles, mysteries and secrets, paying attention to detail, prefers company of good friends and family to going out on the town, privacy and solitude, romantic films, to have a routine, to solve problems,

Rabbit Dislikes:
Arguments, being forced to make a decision, complicated plans, drastic change, having to change their mind, open criticism, saying anything unpleasant, surprises, taking risks, to witness suffering or violence.

Female Rabbit Behavior:
Is not overly maternal, she is good at giving practical advice as well as able to strike a good bargain, naturally elegant and always stylishly dressed, well mannered and conscious of etiquette which means she is good at entertaining and is at home in most social circles though she prefers a comfortable to an adventurous life and prefers company than being by herself, sophisticated, tender and wistful she can also be emotional and strong-willed with a sharp sense of humor, wary of commitment and ambitious she may be a little manipulative to get her own way.

Male Rabbit Behavior:
Is not a victim of fashion, careful when spending money on necessities, careful listener as well as being happy and content, extravagant with money when buying luxurious gifts, neat and well-dressed, tendency to be flamboyant and sometimes superficial, interested in arts and culture, faithful and loving, has a traditional outlook and is protective of his need for peace and solitude, and is in touch with his feminine side but is not effeminate.

Accountant, Actor, Administrator, Adviser, Antique Dealer, Art Collector, Chemist, Cosmetologist, Counselor, Diplomat, Doctor, Fashion Desiger, Historian, Interior Designer, Judge, Lawyer, Librarian, Masseur/Masseuse, Musician, Ophthamologist, Pharmacist, Politician, Property Manager, Psychiatrist, Public Relations Consultant, Publisher, Secretary, Teacher, Therapist, Writer

(ASA ANG Industrial Engineer? OG Blogger? SIGE AKONG BUTANGAN OR ILL BE THE 1st!!!)

Other related information:
  • Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 5, 9, 15, 19, 35
  • Fixed Season: Spring
  • Flower/Plant: Queen Ann's Lace/Fig Tree
  • Climate: Windy
  • Colors: Green or White
  • Yin/Yang: Yin and Yang

The fixed element of the Rabbit is Wood, which is why it is also important to pay attention to the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) that influence all zodiac family members (including rabbits) - a special sequence that is repeated every 60 years.

Rabbit Love Affairs (PWE..pweeeh)

People born in this year can be great partners in relationships. Romantic and sweet, faithful too, rabbit people never lack of suitors. They are in extreme need of trust, security and tenderness in a relationship and are really happy when they manage to create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. When the rabbit person does the planning, he/she is happy calling the shots and will expect his beloved automatically be on the same wavelength. In case the partner's behaviour becomes erratic or hurtful he/she withdraws into your shell. Sometimes this person really believes that everything is fine and these relationships are strong and solid, but careless remark or impudent behaviour can suddenly place serious doubts in his/her mind. It is important to solve such problems appropriately. Partners may discuss these fears and express their points of view openly to avoid repetition of these problems in the future. Otherwise these relationships won't last too long.

In spite of his/her devotion to the loved one, it is important to remember that the rabbit person wants to have a secret side to his/her life, too. It is natural for him/her to demand solitude in order to get in touch with his/her inner self.

Sometimes it takes time for a rabbit person to find a partner, a real soul-mate, and he/she may seem to be fickle and insecure along the way, but when he/she has found that person his/her attachment is boundless.

The Year of the Metal Rabbit symbolizes tact and diplomacy. After a rather fast-paced, full of surprises and difficult 2010, the coming year promises to be very interesting in all aspects of life. A period with less outer changes will take over our world and instead incur big changes on an inner level.

As for the Rabbit Year, 2011 will be the year of peace. It also can mean that the Rabbit year may bring one's friends and family closer. Let's take a closer look:
  1. Rat2011 brings new perspective in life, however it is not a great year for rat people. The career goes up, but rats should be very careful if they sign some new contracts in the future.
  2. Ox – 2011 is also not a perfect year for Ox people. However, there could be some good and happy moments in life in all aspects. The new year can bring all good in general luck. What's more, it can give a great opportunity for Ox people to gain financially.
  3. Tiger – 2011 is a great year for the tiger people, especially in terms of career. It is also the year of romance, wealth and opportunities for tigers. 2011 brings many surprises!
  4. Rabbit/hare – of course, it's a great year for rabbit people. There is a success in career and private life. Generally speaking, it is very rewarding year in all aspects of life for rabbits
  5. Dragon – 2011 brings changes, challenges and opportunities. If earlier some doors were closed for dragons, this year the doors will be open. However, Chinese horoscopes predict dragons should be very careful in accidents, which involve metal, for example, knives, cars or other metal items.
  6. Snake – it will turn out to be a good year for snake people. It is a great year for career, business and love. However, the Year of the Metal Rabbit may not be a good year to make investments. Also, snakes should take care more about their health, it needs more attention. Also, astrologists and predictors suggest avoid working for many hours in front of the computers or laptops.
  7. Horse – the new year brings many changes in life for horse people. It's a busy year, but 2011 is much better than 2010 in comparison. Horses will see positive and negative moments in life. However, it is highly recommended for horses to stay positive no matter what happens in life.
  8. Goat/Ram/Sheep – busy, but a wonderful year for goat/ram/sheep. Actually, 2011 is called the best of years to make new plans, get into new projects and meet new people. It is a good year for finances and investments, but there is a need to be careful with money - as they come and go quickly.
  9. Monkey – monkey people will be happy, because the Rabbit year brings many happy and exciting moments. 2011 is the year of luck in romance, career, finance and wealth. However, monkey should try to keep their money.
  10. Rooster – it could be a difficult year for rooster people. Plus, the year's element – metal – is also not favorable for roosters. Rooster may gain financially, but 2011 may bring some money difficulties.
  11. Dog – 2011 is fantastic and amazing for dogs! Lots of happy moments during the whole year. However, dog people should take care more about their health and work a lot if they want see some changes in life.
  12. Boar/pig – 2011 is an interesting year for pigs. Many problems can be resolved. The Rabbit year is much better than the Tiger one, horoscopes say. There will be new perspectives in business and gain in finances. Nevertheless, pigs should also pay more attention to their health in the coming year.

The Rabbit Year is said to be fortunate. Almost everything will come more easily in 2011. The year of the Metal Rabbit promises to bring peace, joy, calmness and many happy moments.

Most Rabbit years are quiet, positive and inspiring, and 2011 looks to be heading in this direction – a refreshing change after the fast-moving and quite dramatic Year of the Tiger. Family, diplomacy and personal development will all be highlighted in 2011 and hopefully you find out how we best manage to live with all the new, bright and fascinating aspects in this new year of the Metal Rabbit.

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  1. amazing.. true man ang most sa article nga nag describe sa usa ka rabbit person..

    nag-sakit akong mata.. hehehe but i read it =)

  2. Indeed! Coloring was necessary to distinguish on aspects where I agree and don't (Which fit me and not)