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I was invited once again to a talk on blogging in USJR, this time it was 3rd year mass communication students and this is my 4th invite in USJR main (1st-IE Prsenentation; 2nd-Resource person for a Research; 3rd - Blog Talk 1 and 4th this one). This time around though, my talk focused on Video Blogging, and it has been a while since I faced a very diverse crowd from: Mass Communication, Engineering, Tourism, Accountancy and perhaps many more!

Quite a large crowd, over 50 I think
I emphasized once again on blogging for advocacy in relation to the courses present since it needs to be done for the benefit of many. For example, simple History of Streets and Barangay names, ironically we do not know them and if we try to search for it on the internet, we may not find it. At the same time, we don't know if it's in our local library and the elders who know about it are slowly fading away. Aside from that, in relation to searching industry updates online for Philippine Scenario is very scarce, add to that the Tourism opportunity as well.

Video Blogging Portion with my Flip mino HD
I told again the audience that there is a vast need or demand for local-user-generated content (For the Philippines); most students, when doing research immediately run to google to search for content and basis for their assignments, research and the like for their school works. But often times, we are hit by a brick wall that says "No search results found," especially for local or Philippine related topics such as languages, culture, geography and history to name a few.

After giving an overview for Blogging, I then informed them of the preparation and things needed in pursuing a Video Blogging project. Then, I showed them some samples, opportunities and benefits of blogging in general then on to Video + Blogging. Sample Videos cover: How To's, Event Coverage, Discoveries, PR/Marketing Campaigns(Lola Techie) , Informational (Socialnomics) and memories(important events).

With the Mass Comm organizers with the CAS Dean
Hopefully they learned a lot and will now explore the world at their own pace and carve their own imprint and direction in the Online World. :-)

SPECIAL THANKS to the USJR - MassCom, Engineering, Tourism, and Accountacy Students present, to the College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Language and Literature and the very thoughtful organizers -- Empower Rangers!!

Video + blogging talk
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