Kublai Khan Mongolian Food-Trial

You may find the title weird, but most of those living in cebu know about Kublai Khan for a long time now (Ayala Center Cebu Branch), I think. The 1st time I encountered kublai khan (the restaurant, obviously XD), was when I was like still in my early college days. It took me this long to muster up some courage to finally get in, eat and get out (It's not a phobia, I just have a really sensitive stomach & nervous about mongolian food? :P).

And you know what? It was not so bad, well with a company of friends and chit chat, I somewhat survived. I went for an express meal, since, I didn't want to really choose the ingredients manually, since there was some sort of area where you can do that. The express one is just that, you just put some ingredients you want to mix up together to eat from a list.

I can only identify some, chicken, pork, pansit, ..that's about it! XD
Well, it's no different from cooking, but it is ALMOST cooking, its just that the cooking is outsourced and the customer has to choose his/her own ingredient. But it was useless nonetheless since most of the ingredients I chose I have no knowledge about, so I didn't know how it would taste. But I encourage others to try it out nonetheless for there unique style provides intrigue, to any new customer and even existing ones.
Kublai Khan Mongolian Food-Trial Kublai Khan Mongolian Food-Trial Reviewed by Vernon Joseph Go on Friday, February 25, 2011 Rating: 5

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  1. I share the same enthusiasm with Mongolian food. I like how you get to choose whatever you want in your bowl. Kudos to Kublai Khan for becoming a huge Mongolian food chain.

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