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The Cebu Bloggers Society Inc., (CBSi) just recently celebrated its 3rd Anniversary at Parkmall, Casino Filipino, Mandaue City, Philippines. It was a fun-filled activity where members did some catching up with each other and also meeting new members. Kudos to the Organizing Team!

Sound Check
ie bloggers na dili late ug absent? :P mikyu and aimee
It was quite a gathering where new meets old, group-"cam-whoring", games and food!

Class of 2011
Here is my speech transcript Below (For those who were late and those who missed it ^_^):

Good Afternoon, Magandang Araw, Maayong Hapon and 1st and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to CBSi!!

Since I am the opening speech of today, let me just say first, WELCOME!

Let me take this opportunity to thank those who exerted effort in this organization and those participating in today's event. Also, welcome to the new members (identify yourselves) to the old, and to the returning, please be GENTLE to the newbies ;)

Also, I would like to apologize for any shortcomings that I may have and by the way sorry for not being able to entertain some of you since I was obviously busy cramming and typing away to make this speech abouit 20 minutes ago..hehehe

In the eyes of the few, this institution has accomplished milestones over the past years. But bare in mind, that we also have a responsibility towards our community and let us not be FULL OF OURSELVES; we have different personalities and it can't be helped if there is friction every now and again, I hope we settle such differences individually.

It has been a reflective year for me, discovering issues, past and present, internal and external and I am thankful that I have learned and definitely grown from them. For those who see multiple opportunities, do seize them for your own path of success; there may come a time when our courage may fail, and we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship for such is the nature of any organization.

But, it is not this day! for now, let us celebrate, enjoy, have FUN and BE Happy and thankful for the blessings that each of us has received.

There's simply so much to be thankful.

I hope that in the near future, most of us will be granted with the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference..

Daghang Salamat, may all of you continue to blog in the coming years--don't forget a blog is a many splendid things, it's simply not just about events--LET Your PASSION SHAPE YOUR BLOG and HAPPY BLOGGING! Once again Happy Birthday CBSi.

sunset end
Sunset @ Parkmall

BTW, let me express my gratitude to our sponsors:

1. PAGCOR, Casino Filipino Parkmall Satellite Branch (for the venue)
2. Mr. Renato Z. Osmeña, Jr. (manager of Casino Filipino Parkmall Satellite Branch)
3. Holister, Inc. (overall set-up of the venue, i.e. tables, chairs, sound system)

Let your Passion Shape your Blog, HAPPY BLOGGING~Thank You and More Power!

Photo Credit: Ngipirt for 1st photo at top
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  1. Great to see the association is going strong, and a great speech. I love the opportunities that the world of blogging has opened up to me!

  2. wow! congratulations to CBSi! more power!


  3. Nice sunset photo. :) http://aroundtheflexure.com

  4. @Ken Chamba rana!
    @Rich More power to you too!
    @Kevin Yes, the opportunities of blogging are everywhere!
    @jaysee tenkyu