Meditation & Jump-Shot PHAIL!! XD

This was some of the crazy activities that we did during our Badian Trip @ Terra Manna Camping & Resort! We did some attempted Zen-Meditations and Jump-Shot Failures during the day tour. So, are you ready to witness our Meditation & Jump-Shot PHAIL!! XD?

Fluffy grass...
Note: BEWARE, This may be a full blown Photo-Blog post the lack of words may leave you hanging or imagine weird stuff so be cautious on what you think!

Let's Go
This place is full of fossilized clams and corals
During the day tour, after lunch it was quite humid but we still found some interesting things to do..

not meditation
One more time..
My turn
Switch, so far so good?
Meditation is tiring
Mom found a comfy place
Sis found a spot too
Going to the Beach
ooohhhh a boat!
The Beach
Ready to phail!!!

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My Jump-shot attempts

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Sis' Jump-Shot attempts
The Next Day (DAWN), we just had to attempt another round of Meditation...

Early Morning Meditation
z z z z z z z z
Dawn Meditation Complete!

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  1. This entry is full of entertainment! I wanna visit Badian soon. :)

  2. Yes! this place was GREAT!!! you should go there!!