Badian Trip @ Terra Manna Camping & Resort

We had our Badian Trip @ Terra Manna Camping & Resort at Badian, Cebu, Philippines. This was my 2nd time going to Badian since my Childhood when we went to Kawasan but this time was a bit different since we went to Terra Manna.

Stop over
Along the road
National Road - sa iskina liko to terra manna
Arrival via the Bus
Entrance Banner
Literally, TERRA in Latin means "Earth" and MANNA means "bread from heaven". In every place, there is an innate goodness. Explore, cultivate, nourish and an abundance of many great things will just come out. Nourishing our mother Earth is a great means for a healthy, sustainable and living a simpler life.

From the entrance to parking lot, this is the view that welcomes you
moving closer
Bond with Nature

Terra Manna is built to bring the luxury of nature than artificial structures. You can truly see what Badian has to offer in terms of spectacular sites and natural wonders to immerse in. You have the opportunity to explore the dynamic marine life through scuba diving or snorkeling. There's Kawasan Falls (If you avail of the packaged tour, that is) to lavish one's self with its soothing and cool sensation of its cascading waters. There's the sea, the mountains and the rainforests, we bring you these good life's adventures.

Pandan Tree, this is what makes the 'Banig' and what Badian is also known for
There are many plants, orchids and trees to bond with

Many resorts claim to do this but is rarely seen or obvious. Terra Manna endeavors to impart the meaning of sustainability to guests as a socially responsible resort. They showed us a liberal space to appreciate the impact and benefits of organic farming in this age of pesticides and petroleum-based fertilizers.

A Compost Bin
There is an area where they plant there food ingredients (Like Farmville) = Savings + Organic Food
Fresh organic vegetables and fruits as a part of a meal served at our restaurant is just a way for us to let our guests savor the benefits of healthy foods.

There are 3 places for tents and camping, we chose the overlooking view
Camping and other activities:

Terra Manna's facilities cover camping and special functions such as weddings and corporate activities. Apart provision for tents and beddings, electrical outlets are strategically located at the camping site for mobile phone charging or for mobile computing.

Communal bathrooms are within range and a self-service canteen is open during business hours for a quick snack or to request for short orders. They also have a business center that has long distance and fax services as well internet service (If you are a blogger and suffering from Internet Withdrawal ~you don't have to worry XD). Facilities for weddings and special occasions are also available like banquet tables and chairs, canopies, food warmers, outdoor lighting, and audio video equipment.

There was this 2 storey structure, but we didn't stay there, here's one of the Rooms they have if you can't roughin' it
A two-storey lodge equipped with accessories and utilities are also provided for brides or couples who wish to stay for a night or two before their wedding.

Package Tours or Event:
  • Kawasan Falls Adventure Package - minimum of 4 up to 26 beyond (payment is per pax)
  • Barkada/Friends Camping Package - minimum of 6 up to 31 beyond (payment is per pax)
  • Family Reunion/Balikbayan Package - minimum of 12 up to 31-up (paymen is per pax)
  • Pre-nuptial Packages - depends on scale and numbers
  • Wedding Packages - depends on scale and numbers
  • Honeymoon Packages - depends on choice tours and length of time
Note: all packages comes with varying inclusions of entrance fees, food, drinks, accommodation/tent, beach use and the like access to other facilities & amenities. (More info. HERE)

Day stay/tour rates and reservations can be found HERE.

Coming down, going up and around the slopes makes it a good exercise-sightseeing-nature appreciation activity
Resting from the Day Tour of the Place alone
There are a bunch of interesting structures scattered all over the place to keep you interested
I found a Canon
Nyahahahahah, there be a pirate ship over the coast, Fire at will! ARGGHH!
Woohoo Beach Coast!!!
The other choice aside from the beach sand is this Platform where you can also have fun!
They have dedicated a great portion of the place as "active zones" where team-building activities and learning sessions can be held privately. Its jagged topography lures the adventurous while its themed gardens enchant lovers to a picturesque view of the tender sunset.

Night Came along
Events and entertainment while you eat!
But before eating, we did a calming, soothing, zen activity - Flower Arrangement?
Muwahahahahahah there is beauty and synchrony in Chaos XD
Compare these with mine? :P
The place is not only a quaint refuge for the contemplative or solitary. Terra Manna is also an amazing find for families, friends or couples who seek a blissful retreat to build new or nurture old relationships? Hehehe Anyway, I'm squeezing too much into this post already and I'll make another post for our crazy activities that we did, just let the picture speak for itself :P.

Sosyal na Dried Fish...tastes like dried fish but also feels sosyal hmmm lami for short!
Chill2 after eating
We did not really plan on going overnight but the place was so awesome, we just ended up staying, and definitely I'll come back next time with full blown preparation so that my camera won't die HAHAHA. And oh, this happened at the end of January, hehehe super delayed post, I suck at travel blogging >_< or maybe I have too many back logs. Till the next adventure!
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