Moon Cafe Lunch Out Ayala Terraces

This was some sort of an emergency meet-up thing just to discuss some of our requirements/deliverables to a local foundation. We were throwing ideas on what the FLOW of the AVP was and what we can throw in there, the voice-over, music, images and the like. This was an emergency because the other Team Mates could not make it. Another emergency was LUNCH in which we ended up eating in MOON CAFE AYALA TERRACES :D

Moon's Mexican Baby Back Ribs costs about Php189.00
Moon's Pork Belly costs about Php139.00

In Cebu, I know of about more or less 3 Moon Cafe Restaurants scattered in the Metro Area. Moon Cafe Ayala Center Cebu - The Terraces, Moon Cafe, THE WALK, Asiatown, IT Park and somewhere in Guadalupe.

Sample AVPs for inspiration for our tasks
Moon Cafe serves Filipino & Mexican style dishes, so if you can't take the Mexican, you have Filipino Food Choices Options.
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  1. dili mn sad uie hahahahah or lahi lang jud ug tastes? XD