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We had the rare and awesome opportunity to witness the launch of Globe Business' Globe Telepresence facility. We checked out and was able to IMMERSE ourselves in the Telepresence experience in the Globe Telco Buidling in Asiatown I.T. Park, Cebu City.

Globe Telecom launched its new Globe Telepresence room offered through Globe Business. Globe Business delivers another first with the opening of a full 3-screen Telepresence room in Cebu. This is Globe's 2nd Telepresence facility in the country following the launch of its first Telepresence facility in Makati. The Telepresence enables a life-size "in-person" meeting experience for interaction and collaboration across multiple locations around the world in real time.

Globe selected AT&T for its expertise in successfully building and managing networks around the world.Globe Telepresence connects enterprises to other businesses, educational institutions, and other users of the AT&T Business Exchange, a feature of AT&T Telepresence Solution, representing more than 1,100 private and public telepresence rooms. AT&T Telepresence solutions supports telepresence rooms from more than 70 countries and territories worldwide.

Globe also implemented CISCO's technology solutions at their new Telepresence room in Cebu and the highly immersive collaboration solution combines life-size,, ultra-high-definition video, spatial audio, a specifically designed environment, and interactive elements to create the face-to-face meetings.

Renting these telepresence rooms, which cost half a million dollars to build, local executives can have the next best thing to meeting face to face with counterparts abroad.

Globe Telepresence Fact Sheet:

What are the specifications of Globe Telepresence public room?

Globe has two Telepresence public rooms located in Makati and Cebu cities. Both Facilities utilize the latest technology from CISCO, which enables high-quality and reliable business meetings across continents. Each room has three life-size ultra-high definition 65 inch plasma screens and is equipped with spatial audio in a specifically designed environment to create an "in person" meeting experience. It also has another screen to share presentation, documents and other materials, as well as microphones, integrated Ethernet and power and multiple ultra-high definition codec and cameras.

Globe Telepresence can connect to which countries?

It can link its public room in the Philippines to any room on the AT&T Telepresence Solution's Business Exchange which includes more than 2,000 private and public telepresence room. The AT&T Telepresence Solution service supports telepresence rooms from 75 countries and territories around the world.

How many can attend the meeting in the public room?

Globe Telepresence public room provides a boardroom-style that seats 6 participants on each side, providing a virtual table for 12 participants in a point-to-point meeting or up to 72 participants in a multipoint session. Some AT&T Telepresence Solution rooms can accommodate up to 18 participants per room.

How can the public room be booked?

Log on to

What are the benefits of using Globe Telepresence?

  • Business Continuity - Mitigate risks from disasters like flu pandemic or typhoons
  • Save on Travel Costs - No need to travel to attend an international business meeting
  • Save on Time - Less time spend travelling, waiting in the airport
  • Build relationships across continents
  • Faster decision making - Get key decision makers together around one virtual table
  • Online booking facility - Customers may also reserve a room via an online booking faciltiy, via

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