Glicerio P. Lucrecia, Triennial Awardee

Glicerio P. Lucrecia is a 4th triennials awardee for the Ramon Aboitiz Award for EXEMPLARY INDIVIDUAL last 2008. He was awarded through his efforts in his organization: Lapuyan Multi-Purpose Cooperative Pob., Lapuyan, Zamboanga del sur.

Gliceria “NONO” Lucrecia comes from a dead-end town where even few people have heard of in their area. He came from a poor family, which led him to try out odd jobs before reaching the success he was recognized for today.

He has tried to work as a plant technician (He even was a janitor at some point in time) while studying at the Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) where he got his electronics degree.  Because of his drive to support himself and his family, he also became an OFW and worked in Saudi Arabia for a few years where he planned to save up some money before coming back to start a business back in the Philippines.

Because he was the type of person that does multiple things at a time (multi-tasking), an accident happened in which he lost his right arm in the process. Though the arm was re-attached, gangrene already was eating the hand out and it had to be amputated. Though he still had his job, he didn’t want to accept pity pay so he went home and in the process of it all he got deep in depression.

This was a great struggle in his life, having to lose an arm, becoming less productive and his pride as a skilled worker –gone. But Sit Nono overcame this through getting grips with reality that it still hasn’t changed the situation of his family and he still had to do something. It could be said that through this time of reflection, he not only saw the struggles of his family but also the struggles of his townsfolk who were also not in a good situation.

While staying at home, helping in the family-owned farm, he found a way to still practice his skill by teaching what he knew and sharing his experiences abroad to the young people in his community. When helping out these kids, he also sought to help his community which led him into politics. Despite his impoverished status, he ran and won as a barangay councillor and later a seat in the municipal council. He tried for the last time for a vice-mayorship position but learned the hard way the corruption and the need for funds for a sustained campaign.

Sir Nono engaging the youth --with my friend Lady Vernie
Despite the defeated sir nono never lost the desire to serve and be of help to others, especially his community. With his ingenuity, he found ways to materialize this desire by founding the LAPMUCO (the Lapuyan Multi-Purpose Cooperative) in 2000 while still being a municipal councillor finishing his term. However, it only launched or became fully functioning and operational when the coop was granted a credit line with an initial loan of PHP200,000.00 from the Land Bank of the Philippines.

He enthusiastically shared his story on how he wrote so many letter s to government agencies, politicians and the like asking for support for the cooperative despite only having one hand through a type-writer with the help of his wife. His efforts really paid off that he was granted a PHP700,000.00 credit line from the United Coconut Planters Bank. And today the coop has an over 9million pesos in credit line and assets.

What amazes me is that despite Sir nono’s success, he is still humble and prefers to live a simple life, still living in the same place with his sturdy yet old house. I remember him joking that his frugality at home is also brought into the coop, despite being a multi-million peso organization, they prefer to be simple (no fancy signages or branding, no aircondition-system, just the stuff that matters).

LAMPUCO’s activities as mentioned by Sir nono is not limited to providing loans to individuals and income-generating enterprises, small-micro businesses but at the same time is also into creating scholarship programs and land redemption. The land redemption program is for farmers who defaulted on their loans and through the program, will help them reposes those lands that they have lost.

Having the chance to meet such an individual is indeed a rare opportunity and here's a video clip of him in a short interview and his message to the young people (Christine Teopiz --interviewer, and the me as camera-man):

About RAFI Triennial Awards:
The Triennial Awards started since 1996 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the founding of RAFI in 1966. And because majority of the awards given in the Philippines have gone to individuals and organizations based in Luzon, RAFI focuses to the Visayas and Mindanao regions where many outstanding individuals and organizations should also be recognized, rewarded, promoted and acknowledged in the visayas and mindanao.

The Triennial Awards for exemplary individual and outstanding institution in the Visayas and Mindanao, is an initiative of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. to recognize noteworthy individuals & institutions and to encourage them who through their efforts that bring about hope and change for the betterment of the lives of the less privileged--reflect the philanthropic, humanitarian and holistic ideals of Don Ramon and Don Eduardo Aboitiz.

“Are you going to quit and live in mediocrity, Or Fight and Live in Victory!?”

It is truly inspiring to hear the achievements of exemplary individuals and their best practices. Sir Nono’s life alone is very inspiring, the struggles, challenges he underwent was so immense, and yet he overcame it and still able to live in a simple manner. His story is something that is quite unique in a way that really touches one’s soul.

It really proves to everyone out  that not having money is something of a hindrance, Glicerio Lucrecia did it and he did it while helping people. He had no money, no following, almost nothing; he definitely has a rare kindred spirit combined with an overwhelming determination and desire to help.

He did everything, from setting up the coop, finding loans or fund sources, to training the staff, advising how to manage money, how to run the institution while engaging stakeholders and other institution externally is truly no ordinary feat.

Perhaps, this proves the capacity that each and everyone of us has. Just imagine if we activate that into a people power which is in the ability of the Filipinos to work together for the common good. Government and citizens must work side by side to genuinely pursue change and development. They must be each other’s partner in nation building

You may get knocked down, but all you can do is get back up. You may be surrounded with discouragement, but you can’t give up.

All it takes is one person really; Sir Nono's story is a simple fact and inspiration. One tree can start a forest. One smile begins a friendship. One star can guide a ship at sea. One vote can change a nation. One act can save a life. One step must start each journey. One word must start each prayer. One hope will raise our spirits. One touch can show one cares. One's presence can overcome fear. One can make a difference. That one moment is all it takes. So don't get tired of doing what is right and true, even if you're alone. Don't let your voice of hope and optimism get drowned by the grumbling of others.

You see, its up to YOU! You maybe just one, but you can be ONE BIG BLESSING to others!

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