House build with GK (Gawad Kalinga)

I wrote a while back about my 1st house build, now I am writing another one but this time, my experience with GK (Gawad Kalinga). I also wrote about my GK Builder's Camp experience as well (you may want to drop by and read :D) and my print-published article HERE. This post will be a collective experience of 3 GK Builds in 2 sites, GK Minglanilla, and GK Maguikay within almost a year. Basically, I will show to you what to expect, activities, randomness and F-U-N of volunteering for Gawad Kalinga Builds!

Stuff to prepare or bring on a collaborative HOUSE BUILD:
  • If you have the means and capacity to bring your tools, by all means bring'em (but their your responsibility)
  • SNACKS (to share is also awesome!) ++ pocket money for your commute or the like
  • Extra shirt, or any additional clothing to shade you from the heat of the sun
  • Sun protection or any other related protection
  • Be sure that you are not sick or if recovering, prep some meds
  • you may bring some friends or family!
  • Lastly, yourself!
carrying of hollow blocks is a norm
pala2 and bara2 the ground for leveling and digging for foundation or a septic tank
you may get dirty from masa2 of the cement or carrying/transporting cement to be used for a wall or flooring
About Gawad Kalinga:
Gawad Kalinga is building empowered communities by people with faith and patriotism; driven by a culture of caring and sharing, dedicated to eradicate poverty and restore human dignity. Also, GK is not limited to building community infrastructure; they also have programs for the environment, health, education, and community empowerment (visit for more info.).

Taking a rest under an electrical post
Sometimes, depending on the community, as a way of thanks they will treat you to fun, or even a quick entertainment!
it's either BYOB or a collective fun lunch - BOODLE FIGHT ~preparation
  • If you are allergic or want to escape the drama of political/student/formal organizations, this is the place to be, here everyone is equal
  • lend a hand and help build homes in partnership with residents of the community where you work, live and serve or you can either be a VOLUNTOURIST Hihihih ^_^
  • In pursuit of excellence and magis (things I learned from Sacred Heart School - Jesuits, now Ateneo de Cebu) ~being men and women for others and sharing what we have with others
  • You get to get down and dirty to help build not just a house but a strong community as well.
  • A better excuse to get exercise while giving back to the community and a natural tan works too!
  • As a learning experience, you get to talk, interact and learn about the lives of the existing beneficiaries (if you choose to do so) and be immersed in the issues of society.
  • Gain new friends while achieving a greater awareness of the plight of other people
new friends all over the Philippines ~ Mindanao - Visayas - Luzon are represented! Hihih
The Gk Site is also being supported by other organizations, OFWs and Balikbayans like the GK TAMPA BAY VILLAGE USA team
"People think it's the government officials or just PNoy who has to solve all our problems; people  seem to forget that the power to effect change in our community, country and world lies within us." - K.J.Kintanar

I do these things out of love and not out of obligation. I want to help because I am happy to share and doing it and not because I am expected to do it. So I challenge you to step out of your comfort zones and share time and talent for building GK communities across our country!

Be willing to take a leap of faith, to share love and kindness. Do not be defeated in your own mind, before you have even put effort to try. Don't count yourself out just yet. Are we just going to go on and accept the realities in our community and country? Are we going to QUIT and LIVE IN MEDIOCRITY, or FIGHT and LIVE IN VICTORY?
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  1. Ka fun oy haha :) pwede ra ko manginvite ug random people na kaila?

  2. D man na in verbatim ako quote ngnha vern! As far as I remember. HAHA! Kiha! :)))

  3. it's the thought that counts uie hihihihih sikat naka!

  4. Build with us din po! Sa GK Toyota Ville, Pulong Sta. Cruz, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna. We would be so glad to have the day with you. Hope to see you! :)