Love affair with a Spotted Ball

5 players and passes, 4 pseudo-block/steals, 3 strikes and misses, 2 falls and 1 game. That basically summed up my first FUTSAL game; and that  marked the end of my personal resistance towards the sport. You see, it has been almost a decade since I last kicked a ball.

It's a sad, boring, and pathetic story I'd say; I considered myself to be in the unfortunate generation of football enthusiasts who seem to always miss the changes that we worked on and wanted to happen. I can even remember the times wherein we rallied our class and schoolmates to try out fooball or soccer.

In elementary, we called for players and it somewhat happened, but mostly juniors rallied to our call. In highschool, the cycle ridiculously repeats itself. Called for inter-class games; it happened when we moved to the next grade/year level. Rallied for inter-school games, we achieved it but it was still fragmented (convinced only one school to play against, well it's a bloody start); made some noise on having aged bracket games, and just when I turned 13,17, the U-12 & 16 was organized. BLOODY HELL! !@ # $%^&*()(_+ I avoided, abandoned the spotted ball upon entering college; coincidentally the sport was not included in the Physical Education class.

Sometimes I find myself being happy that sport, be it futsal or football/soccer is starting to penetrate the mainstream or even the streets but other times, when I really hate the Philippine Azkals for no reason; maybe i'm still a bit bitter why it took so long for these things to happen, the little boy in me is going crazy, whining, complaining, WHY DID THIS HAPPENED NOW? Why did it not happen before? Why now, of all times when my body is no longer what it used to be and sometimes I can feel my age creepin up on me.

I guess, being older now, I can say that despite all my frustrations in the past, the things that I wanted to happen, HAPPENED! I still don't know why, but I guess, everything happens for a reason, I'll just stick around and find out.

And the funny thing here for me is all it took was one email invitation, a question on the schedule and one jeepney conversation for me to play with a fellow Accenture-mate. Though I still had some reservations since I did not want to commit really.

On game day, I was nervous as heck, I even wanted to sleep all day or probably watch ADVENTURE TIME o_o, to think I will be kicking the ball again after almost a decade--somewhat terrified me. I did not know how degraded my skills were, how my stamina was, how my body will react.

But when 1st contact occured, my body moved by itself, as if I was moving and acting on instict. I could only return to consciousness and full self awareness when I stopped to take in some oxygen for my lungs. And after 15 minutes, it was all over...we lost! HAHAHAHA

My body trembled, it was still yearning for more, and I told my body shut the hell up! I'm still trying to gasp for air damnit! Though I've been training for long runs by jogging every weekends and the occassional core training & fun runs, it seems my body has forgotten the feeling of short bursts of energy.

Few things I learned about futsal: it's fast paced compared to football, which consequently would make strategy planning shorter and less complicated. I guess I'll make room for some guerilla tactics next time, now that 1st blood has been drawn, I'm a little less worried, less fearful and ready to go crazy!

This is no longer a question nor an issue of commitment, because it seems I have relapsed to an old addiction, I've finally returned to the arms of a familiar lover.

On to the next game and let's go make a GIANT KILLING!

Note: This is a reposted blogpost from my corporate blog >_<
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