Chatime Cebu in eBloc2 IT Park

Chatime is located at the ground floor of ebloc 2 building in IT Park Lahug Cebu City. Its location is easily found because they are sandwiched by Army Navy and Charlie Chicken. Chatime has become my one of my favorite chill out place not only because of their drinks but also because of their posh interior and comfy seats with their addictive fries and that chicken sandwich of theirs-more on the food below.

inside chatime in ebloc2
Chatime is the newest cozy place to chill with friends or in my case--a place where you bump into friends HAHHAHA. It offers a wide variety of tea from their Milk Tea series in which I could not memorize, you and I should slowly discover all of them!

my preferred pair = Pearl Milk Tea + Chicken Chops Sandwich
Chatime also offers food if you get hungry, such as: Pepper Salt Chicken Chops (Php75.00), Annatto Pilaf Rice (Php18.00), French Fries in Parmesan, Cheddar and Barbecue flavors (Php65.00) and Chicken Chops Sandwich (Php95.00)

Occasional Free Tea Taste :P
Food Experience Rundown:
Tea has been around for more than five thousand years and I prefer this towards coffee aside from not making me sleepy (yes, coffee makes me sleepy) it also has it's health benefits. I have experienced and devoured the following offerings:

  1. Winter melon Dew - It delivered what was promised, quite refreshing indeed
  2. Banana Milk Tea - yes, it makes me wanna sing BABABABAbaba..putitooooo
  3. Chocolate Mousse MT - I DON'T LIKE, I guess it's just preference, Choco Mousse should stay a choco mousse
  4. Passion Fruit M/GT - Interesting, that's all I can really say; I can't quite describe it.
  5. Mint MT tasting - interesting as well, but I only tasted it since I guess they were test running the tea (not available yet - got free taste)
  6. Pearl MT - My favorite I guess, stick with some plain ol' classic?
  7. Flavoured Fries - This one is sinful, I don't think it's the just the flavour, it's the whole taste - the crunchiness, the smell ARGGHHHHH Must stop describing it --cravings huff puff huff puff [For me, this is too good to be photographed] :3
  8. Chicken Chops Sandwich - I just ate and while writing this my mouth is salivating
  9. Pepper Salt Chicken Chops - The difference I guess from the sandwich is the sauce for here you have a tomato ketchup, I love the sauce in the Chicken Chops Sandwich --I'll even lick it off the plate, seriously.
  10. WiFi is available and good provided it's not peak hours T__T
  11. The extra bright light and facade actually changes one's mood, it's a welcome change of environment when one is relatively stressed --at first you may think it's too bright/even cheesy but it grows on you (me)
  12. The Furniture - I could sleep there if I weren't drinking/eating

I could stare at you all wait I'm hungry again! :(
Note: this was not done in one sitting, I was there during it's grand opening but I'm tired of writing event launches so it took me a while to really dissect the whole chatime experience [yep that meant multiple instances of drinking and eating ;P).

About Chatime:
Chatime, the popular Taiwanese milk tea brand opens it’s first branch outside Luzon in Cebu. Started in Taiwan in 2005, Chatime opened its first store in the Philippines in 2011 and has more than 700 stores around the globe including United States, Australia, Canada and London.

Teabros brought Chatime to the Philippines in April 2011 opening the first store in Pasig. Since then the company has opened 30 outlets, including the one in IT Park.

Budget/Price Range: Php55.00 – Php150.00

Store Hours: Monday to Thursday: 11AM to 12MN | Friday and Saturday: 11AM to 1AM | Sunday: 11AM to 11PM

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