Everything Yummy [Food + Love] encounter

View from the inside - eBloc2 IT Park
A couple of weeks ago, I was able to meet Mr. Hans Congmon of Everything Ymmy [Food + Love] restaurant. Everything Yummy (Food + Love) is a restaurant that opened in Piazza Elesia in Talamban in October 2011, and just recently opened its second branch in E-Block 2 of IT Park in Lahug. The IT Park branch is a 100-square meter restaurant with a seating capacity of 75 to 80 persons. Prices of meals start at P115.

Everything Yummy markets itself as a “collection of special mom-style dishes” or basically a collection of food which gathers family and friends. BUTTT there are only two things I really like...the RIBS and that CHICKEN.. normally I'm a chicken person first but when it comes to Everything Yummy, I'd go for their AWESOME, MOUTH WATERING somewhat long, baby back ribs!

Those ribs!!! Quarter Ribs - 195.00; Half slab - Php465.00; Full slab - Php775.00

Everything Yummy also serves Spanish chorizo, prawn gambas, lemon grass inasal and beef salpicao, among many other choices.

Fusilli Pasta and Shrimps in Basil Pomodro - Php190.00 (the sides have been devoured - it was that enticing)
Singaporean Pepper Prawns - Php350.00
Adobo Bomb - Php195.00 (It smelled so good we just jumped in before taking a proper picture)
for desserts!! Belgian Chocolate Lace Cookies - Php75 / 5S ~ Php380.00 / box
What I like about this branch is that it's a good place to just chill out, eat, and talk with friends or families. So if you are looking for a different kind of menu or food mixtures, I suggest you give Everything Yummy [Food + Love] a try! :D

About Everything Yummy:
Everything Yummy was born from home and out of the desire, joy and delight of Christmas gift giving. It was in December 2010 when the first signature dish, the barbecued ribs, was crafted. The owners wanted to give something unique, something that can be shared by the family, and something that will be remembered. 

It was a happy discovery that their friends loved! The first 12-seater store in October 18, 2011. The name Everything Yummy [food + love] speaks for our belief that food made with love is the secret to making everything yummy. It talks about taking no compromises in the quality of ingredients and doing no shortcuts.

Their mission is to bring people and fond memories together. And to fill and delight, like mom’s own dinner table. See their motto-ish below:

Good food brings people and fond memories together.
Good food is love from a cook’s heart.
Everything Yummy is about that belief.
Food + lots of love - that is...

visit https://www.facebook.com/everythingyummy for more info.!

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