An unplanned ACTIVE 2014

You really can't tell how to describe your year until you look back. This year was a discovery of what I truly want most!

As the 2014 year closes, I just want to say thank you to all who have been with me in this journey of a lifetime?... I want to thank the good friends who made the year sometimes fun, sometimes challenging, sometimes barely bearable, sometimes really happy and the #SHABUPAMORE times; to those who worked with me and supported me, as well as those who were against me, gave me challenges which helped me to learn and grow to become a better me.

I have come so far, more than I could ever imagine. Despite the sadness, disappointments, and negativity that happened this year, I'm still grateful to be alive! Thanks to the travels I had this year (in and outside Cebu) and those who made those trips happen (even if some sponsors had bad intentions), to the new friends I made as well as the old ones; to the free food; to the gift of friendship; to awesome clients; to brilliant mentors; to the internet! To the various entertainment series that ended this year (manga, tv, mini series, movie trilogies, animations..and the like) #CryCry you have made my life more livable, interesting, and awesome.

Meeting & spending time with awesome people this year! To change makers of Global Shapers Cebu Hub and Dream Expo in the upper left (Franco Soberano, Ken Onozawa, Mel Yan, Danica Fernandez, Prim Paypon and Anya Lim and fellow participants too); Chieffy Caligdong, Social Entrepreneur fo Messy Bessy Krie Lopez; Atom Araullo and GK people during Bayani Challenge!

Thanks to my work and non-work friends for all the meet-ups, dinner-outs, lunch-outs, coffee/milk tea breaks, pantry breaks and all! To those who have so far participated in the good advice project, salamat kaayo! Thank you too, to my new and old blogger friends, I always enjoy talking face-to-face with other bloggers for updates and the stuff going on in the community! I am also very thankful for the opportunity to dive into the new Kool Adventure Camp facility in Balamban! #AfterFiveYears #TearsOfJoy

Thanks to those who invited me to speak at their events as well as those who trusted me to be one of the facilitators of their Team building activities. Thanks as well to my mentors both old and new!

Thanks for the invite - CYLS GameChangers organizers! What made this year interesting are the Pitching Engagements both work and non-work related as well as the school & almamater invites. This is also where I learned that I too am a FIL-AM (Half Filipino-Half Amazing) or FIL-AUS (Half Filipino-Half Auwesome!) :P

Team Building Facilitation!

I also made a lot of mistakes this year in and outside work. I no longer count them, all I can do now is become a better version of myself-- whatever that may be.

Every year, I note down lessons learned from the year. This year however, I have been practicing being "in the moment" more and a little meditation here and there. This helped me absorb all the learnings I have into my being; so I am no longer sharing any lessons learned, for now.

Katkat adventures! Mt Naupa in Naga, Mt Kan-irag (Sirao peak) Cebu City and somewhere in Balamban, Cansomoroy.
1 Fun Run (silver run), 1 Color night Run, 2 Trail Runs (Runilla, Argao Eco Adventure) and 1 semi pavement and trail (Talisay City marathon run) and the Run-Kat training in between!

The things I failed to do:
-From an "active" activities perspective, I didn't get to do the (1) relearning how-to-swim, (2 & 3) Skuba/Free diving!!
-On work, everything is working out well; the people are great and so is my employer it is just unfortunate that I didn't get promoted. But I am thankful for the lessons, knowledge and wisdom I got along the way. This made me realize what matters most to me. My Goals, hopes and dreams. I am no longer interested in this "moving up" crap -- well the salary increase, I am interested in that but what I will pursue and pour my energy into the coming year are my goals of financial freedom and Social Intra/Entrepreneurship.
-it is a constant battle between me and cravings as well as food; it has been a back and forth struggle to kill my fats..the battle rages on!
-I failed to compete in the corporate life. You could say I really wasn't interested in this corporate life to begin with, it was just somewhere in the middle I somewhat got fond of it since it is the environment I am in. This is just a stepping stone to my goals and dreams. And this failure, only made my fire, my passion for life, enterprising and service to the community even stronger. Screw this performance metrics crap!

In and Outdoor adventures! Costumes & Cosplaying a "The Purge" clown; Healthy living (Yoga, cross fit, boxing free trials); Rock Climbing in Cantabaco and that hidden spring in Balamban!
From the highlands to the Sea - Vitamin Sea (Beach Bumming and parties, surfing, skim boarding, island hopping, river cruising/paddling, slight boldering and underwater caving in siargao!)

The Sad things:
-Coming into this year, I was fresh from rejection but time heals the wounds while the battle scars remain.
-To the catastrophes and death (protests, war, pandemic threat, lost planes, senseless grief & pain), may the eternal light shine upon you and may you rest in peace!
-Work related problems (to be taken advantage of) which I am not allowed to share. It is the most unfortunate thing to have happened towards the end of the year.

Despite all these, I'd like to believe that there is hope. Not everything in this world is dark nor light. It is still up to us how we decide to take and react. #CarryYourOwnWeather

The positive things? They are shown in photo-summary-milestones of sorts. Feel free to stare and read the captions!

We must not forget the good things as well! Children's Party in barangay Tap2 Cebu City; my yearly Tree and Mangrove Planting; as well as Gabii Sa Kabilin participation; brigada eskwela; supporting local products and charity giving at work! The more you give, the more you will receive! #Magis

What's Next?
I no longer make new year's resolutions. You are putting too much pressure on yourself. I make goals instead, but to simply that further -- I am going for "themes" this year. In two words..

Entelechy and Quintessence. Nosebleed? IKR! For the first one, it is a term that Aristotle coined himself – “entelechy” refers to the condition of a subject whose essence is fully realized. In other terms, it’s being able to actualize one’s potential. The second one means - the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class. A refined essence or extract of a substance. Combine the two - more awesomeness (we need a new term for this people)!

But ofcourse I will still to continue to "Carry my own weather". I will remember this theme and make random, awesome, small-yet-achievable goals in between. That's How I Roll!

Haters gonna hate! Ainters gonna Ain't!! - Dave Skylark, The Interview

Happy New Year. Maayo og Malipayong bag-ong tuig kaninyung tanan! Sugdan nato sa maayong pamatasan. Ako tamong iampo nga bokbokon mo sa swerte, tamparoson kas kwarta, itukmod kas nindot nga kapalaran, mag antos sa kaadunahan, kusion kas kalipay ug libatlibaton kas mga kalami sa kinabuhi. Bulahang bag-og tuig kanimo mga amigo og amiga nga nakapalingaw sa akong 2014. Daghan Salamat!

2013 was practice, 2014 was the warm up and 2015 is game time! For this 2015, let us claim our blessings! God Bless us all!

Namaste to you!
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