15 Possible Worst Sinulog Experiences

I'm staying home for the 2nd time for Sinulog 2015 celebrations. So I decided to reminisce my Sinulog Experiences and so ended up making this blog post. For those who have not experienced any of the lists below, then God Bless you; but for those greenhorn-overly-excited-newbies: please watch yourselves and be schooled! Though the Sinulog Festival is a religious event, humans as we are, there are still crazy people out there and that they can cause these things to happen.

1. STAMPEDE - though Sinulog is a more of a religious observation even during the parade, Celebrities can sometimes cause an uproar and turn people into walking screaming dead and move like crazy towards them. Also, when Celebrities throw 'stuff' to the crowd (and by stuff, most of the time CANDIES - oh you get hit by them too!) and the crowd loose all logic and dive into them as if they've never had a candy in their entire life. Make sure to keep safe and prepare to lift small children to one's shoulders or stay away from tight crowds. This happened to me when I was manning my assigned territory as a CWTS requirement.

2. THEFT - If you have a brand new phone then might as well borrow a simple looking one; Cellphones, valuables, jewelry (Passport for visitors) and the like can be items for opportunists to take away from you!

3. TECHNOLOGY FAILURE - Network can become clogged up; should your vehicle fail you, don't expect to be towed since a lot of roads are re-routed; let's include here Charging SPOTS (outlets) people will cluster here even more if you don't fully charge your gadgets or have back-up batteries. Or stock on multi-gadget power banks; your camera may fail you and it's gonna drive you insane not being able to capture the moments you wanted.

4. WORK (and/or SCHOOL) DISRUPTION - if you're working on a 12 hour shift, night shift, construction or BPO industries, you better plan out your schedule. Whether your going to work or going home from work you better have an awesome transportation plan or else you'll be walking (might as well arrange to spend overnight at work or with a friend who lives close by from your work building). Professionals are mostly not included in the following day holiday (It's a MONDAY!); if you are a student, make sure you don't have morning classes or you may have an exam!

5. HEALTH PROBLEMS - If you're sick, please don't join the celebrations for your own good (know your limits); If you're healthy, don't over-do-it for if you do, you'll probably get sick the next day. Rain or shine, the cold rain and winds or heat of the sun can make you sick if exposed too much to the elements.
  • Viral - If you're hanging with a crowd of coughs and sneezes, chances are you'll get any of those viral infections.
  • Embarrassing - well once again, know your limits and know where to go when the call of nature kicks in. You don't want to find yourself peeing or pooping on the streets (I am still lucky so far)
  • Exchange of Bodily Fluid - STOP THINKING and let me finish. You will be walking and do more walking and if there's a crowd you'll probably squeeze skin-to-skin and feel the sweat (ewwwww!)
  • Grosed-out - if you're sense of smell is hyper sensitive, then prepare yourself! (Lud-on, bahong-anso, singot..atbp.) I heard this year there are a lot of parties, some people may lose their sense of hygiene and just party on the next day without changing clothes or taking a bath (I have friends who shall not be named - though it was a long time ago but hey who knows?).
6. PHYSIOLOGICAL STRAIN - This usually happens to devotees/dancers/organizers or at the end of the long day for most attendees but this can also happen early on if you dive into a heavy crowd of people. You can get:
  • Elbowed - yes, just like in basketball.
  • (Accidental) Tackle/Speared - You watch pro-wrestling? If a person slips and tries to recover.
  • Numb Feet & Legs (also arms & hands too) - if you're not ROTC/NSTP 'volunteer', soldier, police, or the like then good for you, I'd say.
7. MENTAL STRAIN - if there is physical, well here's the mental strain, 'Gib me tisyu coz my Nus is blid' for short. If you are good looking or fairly-pleasant-personality-looking-type, then you better be 'in-the-know' of Sinulog or of the routes/roads or about Cebu. WHY? You will probably attract tourists that want to get around. Why is this a BAD?/WORST Experience? IF YOU'RE NOT PREPARED THEN MOST PROBABLY IT'S GOING TO BE. So be prepared, prepare you're ENGLISH, your SMILE, so you can be a not only a good looking but also awesome ambassador of Cebu, Philippines. :D

8. PHOTO-BOMBED - yes, imagine you found an interesting spot or situation and you're all ready with your poses and all, then all of a sudden some random person just so happens to pass by and then it happens again...then again..then...ugh.

9. LOST - no, not the American TV Series --I mean literally lost, even if you're a local and you know how to get around to places, you will really feel lost as to where in heaven's name did all the Public Transportation go to, so be prepared for route changes and make sure to bring a buddy or be in a group to accompany oneself in getting around. Or better yet, position your Private Transportation in an accessible yet safe area so you can use that to go home, OR BE PREPARED to pull an all-nighter and go home the next day.

10. GETTING DRUNK - it's a community celebration (An event where friends can gather, meet and reunite), a religious exercise and a holiday to relax, enjoy the good life..ooh it also takes your mind off the pain in your legs and body so don't go and do something you'll regret or get arrested for!

11. REALLY REALLY DIRTY - Literally. You think the fancy clothes your wearing won't get vandalized, think again, even my face got vandalized when a friend who came out of nowhere attacked me with a hand full of paint into my face as a 'greeting' (I haven't gotten my revenge by the way) And if you join parties, well you need extra clothing if you care for appearances that is.

12. HUNGER GAMES FOR REALZ - Your stomach grumbles, you respond by looking for a place to eat and then..you realize people --people everywhere or no seats, long lines, no more food, pathway to selected food stall or location is blocked or when your trail or walking food runs out.

13. HYPERVIGILANCE WHILE BEING STRESSED AND ALL JUDGEMENTAL ON ANYTHING - why you, a single parent bring so many kids to Sinulog? Why is it raining, why is it soo hot, where are the clouds? Why are people so stupid? That's not a celebrity! That's a celebrity but seriously people? Stupid car! This is not a mardi gras. UGH young people these days. Soo weird! But I wanna party too. I wanna sleep damnit but damn you friends. Where are the chairs!!? Oh my glob you guys drama bomb! !@#$%^


15. NON-PARTICIPATION GUILT - UGH, why?! #Expat #OutsideCebuProblems #Lazy #Sleep #Work #Old #AntiSocialAgad?
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