Good Advice Project: Chatch Calderon #10

Good Advice Project: Chatch Calderon #10
Here's a Good advice from Chatch Calderon #10; Youth Volunteer and Student of Life.

Thank you sharing your Good advice chatch! :)

"Do more for others."
Some wish that life only works on a give-and-take basis. But that will never be the case. Some would give more, and some would give less, but it shouldn't matter. If you give, never expect anything in return.

Yes, it is great to care for someone and be there for them, but don't forget that you have to take care of yourself too. You should never expect from those you have helped to give to you the same effort  because perhaps they never asked for it. I think this will make the world would be a better place.

But ultimately, you should give because you want to while not forgetting oneself for that's important too. To do more for others, that's one of the secrets to a happy life I believe. #SelflessnessIsImportant


One word comes to my mind “MAGIS”

 What do you think of this good advice?

About this 365 Good Advice project:
-My own version of a 365 project;
-reconnecting with the willing 1,400+ friends of mine (based from facebook) via coffee talk/dates

-"Good" I mean the exact opposite of selfish. How can we give people good advice in order for them to care about others and not just of themselves.
-my friends share their "Good advice” – one every day or every other day or every after coffee talk.

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