Boundary Climbing at Mago Peak, Carmen, Cebu

This is at the Mago Peak Camp Site
A hike through Mago Peak in Carmen, Cebu is perfect way to go on a day trek. Mago Peak is a special mountain in Cebu since being on its peak (or summit?), you will be in three different places or towns of Danao, Tuburan, Carmen, all at once in which other hikers call this climbing event as The Boundary Climb!

This was one of those not-so-well planned day trek that suddenly happened among workmates and non-workmate. Once in the town, everyone gathered at the mercado for a late lunch. From the market, it was nearly an hour habal-habal ride to Brgy. Santican which is the start of the trail.

The boundary marker showing 3-places at once!
That's us playing with the boundary marker! Also, I'm not from UP, just thought of it though!
Before the trek commenced, it is ideal to register at the barangay whenever you do these outdoor activities. The path starts on a well established trail used by locals. We passed by some cornfields, rocky dirt slopes and emerged to a grassy hills.

One of our team got a flat tire so we are just enjoying the view and talking to our habal2 driver
Started off as a really hot and sunny ascent
We encountered some hostile beasts too!
While going through the dirt slope, we heard the sound of water falling and from a far can see a waterfall! More on that on a separate blog post but what I can tell you is that it is not a mainstream waterfalls!

Found a bamboo forest-ish
We took sometime to take it all in while resting.
At the water source!
After almost an hour ascent, we reached the only water source before the camp site. I did not expect to consume my 1.5L + a 500 mL gatorade to almost run out! Good thing we managed to refill our water bottles in this water source.

You can never predict the weather, a cloudy, windy, scattered rain shower descent!
Groufie in a very nice view we found! #NoGoPro #GoPoor
Smile, even if we are lost downsteam!
Drained by the long ascent and descent, we attempted to find mangitngit falls but decided to go on a detour and ended up getting lost in search of non-mainstream spots. We ended up finding a nameless spring-cave.

all the photos above are where when we were completely lost after going down from Mago Peak
We barely made it back to the barangay hall where we registered for it was already pitch black. We waited patiently for a motor-taxi to get us down to the town proper. We then rode a bus despite being so hungry and drained but we realized that a neighboring town had it's fiesta and we got stuck in traffic (this is why it is important to plan trips properly to avoid this >_<).

We managed to arrive at Park Mall in Mandaue City to have our well deserved dinner in Jollibee at 10pm!!! What a fun trail and day trek that was!
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