Searching for Busay Falls in San Fernando, Cebu

I happen to follow some instagram adventurers and decided to try to re-trace their steps to visit a nearby waterfalls in San Fernando, Cebu called Busay Falls. A quick fun fact, Busay means waterfalls in Cebuano/Bisaya. So it is kind of redundant to call it Busay+Falls. The waterfalls is accessible either through Barangay Balud (wave in bisaya) or through Barangay Talisay to Barangay Basak where the falls is in San Fernando.

This is also my first time in going on an solo-adventure! The search for this waterfalls is quite tricky and I ended up getting lost 3 times (twice in searching for it, and once when getting out of the area). I am not familiar with the Brgy. Talisay route and the habal2 driver that was driving me around kept suggesting and bringing me to mountain resorts - so that made it clear to me that even locals are not familiar with the place. I finally found the right municipal road where I took another motor-taxi going to the location.

Local Kids Jumping and Playing in the Waterfalls
Here's me choosing to climb down through the rocks and vines on the right side. I'm a waterfall chaser, not a swimmer :D
The Sky
View of the Sea
The scenery heading to Busay Falls is that of the sea, the sky and the surroundings (farmers, network towers, cliffs..etc..). The waterfalls is accessible beside a cliff road with a small downhill trail. Once there, the easiest way to find it is to just follow the river until you hear the sound of the falls.

Coconut Trees
Follow the stream
Natury views
Upon reaching the falls, you can find a fairly high drop and there’s no stairs. Luckily there were some local kids who informed me of the alternative ways. Either you do some rock climbing or jump into the basin.

I will definitely return to this place not just for the busay falls but to get a proper view of 'Lisuran Falls' which is right below busay falls. Technically, busay falls is level two and the level one is the big drop that the local kids told me about. I also found out that it was possible to climb down there (the same IG adventurers did it) but unfortunately I was alone and had no rope with me plus it was too risky as per the locals.

As always, be safe and careful and also leave no trace. It’s part of a responsible adventure too.
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