Alegria-Badian Downstream Canyoneering in Cebu

There's a bunch of blogs about Canyoneering in Cebu already but I'll share my version of the gory details. The Alegria-Badian Downstream Canyoneering in Cebu has become a (mainstream) treat to adventure seeking tourists as well as Cebuanos and Filipinos in general.

First off, a lot of neighboring resorts are offering Canyoneering Adventure packages so it could start off from those respective resorts in either Badian or Moalboal. But the route really begins from Alegria and ends in Badian. I specified downstream since depending on your thirst for adventure, there is actually an option to go upstream (which is obviously much more difficult); this can start off in Badian - a reverse route or from Alegria going up the Canlaob river if their are too many doing the downstream.

Apparently, the upstream version is not-so-tourist friendly since it requires more energy, effort and a guide with technical expertise as well. **UPDATE: As of June 2016, Canyoneering activities has been suspended until further notice.

Outside the office at 2AM, yeah we slept at the office
You can have the first early breakfast at the south bus terminal and we had another once arriving in Alegria.
What is Canyoneering or canyoning?
It is the term used for traveling in canyons using a variety of techniques that may include other outdoor activities such as walking, trekking, wading, scrambling, climbing, jumping, rappelling, some bouldering and swimming.

stretching to avoid cramps and some warm up
After arriving at the Alegria tourism office, we rode a habal2 towards the jump off point
After registering ourselves, off we go to the first jump!
I volunteered as (first blood) tribute to the first jump honors >_<
For this adventure, we all met at the South Bus Terminal at 2AM to catch the earliest Bus to the south (you can also go for a V-Hire or private vehicle). We were 21 heads in our group which made the whole activity very Cheap at around 600+ pax for the Guide! The fees already cover for the badian falls entrance fees, guide fees, LGU fees, habal2 fees (and add-ons like water/food depending on the package).

Part of Canlaob river where we did the first jump
We began the journey in Compostela, Alegria's Canlaob River, somewhere along the river canyon route, we will cross with Matutinao river that leads out to Badian and out to the sea via TaƱon Strait. Now, I will let the images/photos and views do the talking ^_^,

After everyone completed the first jump, we proceeded to the first slide of the day!
after sliding and getting carried by the strong current, do enjoy, go with the flow and look around, you will be rewarded by the wonderful views of the river canyon!
Take it all in, let is sink in. You can admire the huge boulders, some stalactites the blue fresh water river, the greenery, ahh you have to be there to truly appreciate it.
Just a perspective of the Canyon Height against the puny humans. My group mates chilling, relaxing while admiring the view
At this point, you can either jump or slide. We pick slide cause it's more fun that way!
Here are some highly recommended DO'S and DONT'S

DO wear life vests regardless of how good you swim, and helmets all the time (since going mainstream, the local LGUs mandate this)
DO wear proper footwear like trekking shoes or aqua shoes.
DO always listen and follow your adventure tour guide.
DO hydrate before the activity or bring enough hydration
DO pack light and avoid unnecessary things to bring
DO canyoneering early so less people are there
DO bring extra clothes
DO pack additional batteries for your action cams (GoPro, SJ, Sony..etc..)
DO take the scenic views, and enjoy,

DO NOT jump anywhere you feel to, ask your tour guide first.
DO NOT throw trash anywhere, LEAVE NO TRACE please.
DO NOT bring gadgets or stuff, that you do not want to get wet.
DO NOT buy a cheap dry bag (some of my colleagues learned the hard way)
DO NOT get too caught up in selfies you'll miss the wonders of nature!

Talking about dry bags, this is one of the most important things you can carry with you. I brought my 12L drybag along but for this adventure, it was Mr. Beau's peer pressured job to carry most of the group's belongings since he brought a long a huge dry bag and most of us didn't bring any dry bags.
those rocks and boulders look tame, they are taller than 6feet those damn huge things!
I didn't know who's idea it was to tell the guides to throw our dry bags and we had to chase after it in a strong current but it was a bit fun. You crazy bastards! HaHAHAHa
This huge tree/log/trunk is a landmark that we are now at the mid point where there is a food stop along the canyon. You can eat some barbecue and puso among other things to refuel
Looks awesome and cool but it's not easy for this part is quite slippery with all the moss and water
It's not an adventure without having fun and some buwis buhay selfies and groufies with your friends!
After the mid-point is the last high jump in the River Canyon (there are plenty of other high jumping spots in Badian Falls as well), you walk/wade/trek for a considerable distance to finally exit into Matutinao River and to the 3rd level of the Badian Waterfalls which is the Kabukalan Spring!

Last Jump
The Finish Line at Kabukalan Spring!
Also, depending on the size of the group it could take 3-4 hours or for bigger groups, 5-6 hours. However, to protect the place and it's trail, there needs to be a limit on the maximum number of people in a group as well as the number of activities per day. That is I believe one of the ways to lessen the human impact on the area as well as making this a sustainable tourist attraction/activity.

Photos were a mix from my own Xperia, Noe's & Carrabelle's Go Pro and from our Guide Kuya Vahn's SJ as well as from iPhone (Selah, Jobim, Miggy) and the like from my colleagues! I know that's a lazy photo credit but I really can't distinguish anymore from who came from what, I downloaded it all!

Here's a travel inquiry form for the tour package >> Click HERE!
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